The first time it happened, I admit it was really cute. It was some time in 2020 while we were being forced to wear masks, but before 2021 when they started threatening our livelihoods unless we got The Jab.

I was in the local Food Lion, walking up to the checkout line, and a little girl no more than two years old looked at my masked face and said, “Daddy!!”

I pulled down my mask, smiled at her, and said, “Sorry! I’m not your daddy!” Her mom laughed, I laughed, and the little girl continued doing what little girls do.

The second time it happened was only a few months later. I forget the specifics, I only really remember thinking how odd it was to have two little girls mistake me as their dad in such a short time period. But again, it was while I was wearing a mask.

You’ll recall how the mask mandates largely – and rather conveniently – disappeared at the exact time of the gas shortage in May 2021. This was when the Colonial Pipeline, a major East Coast oil conduit, was hacked into and shut down. Americans waited in lines for gas for the first time since the OPEC embargos of the 1970s.

Gas Lines Evoke Memories Of Oil Crises In The 1970s : The Picture Show : NPR

Since the pipeline shutdown and gas lines dealt their blow to COVID, I haven’t really thought about the two little girls.

At least until today when a third little girl, once again not much more than two years old, mistook me for her father.

And for the third straight time, it occurred while I was wearing a mask.

I’m with my family in Williamsburg, Virginia. Although Colonial Williamsburg is of the incubators of America’s righteous obsession with our God-given personal liberties, it is a National Historic Landmark District under the purview of the National Park Service. A power-hungry federal government bent on destroying our God-given liberties thus ironically requires that masks – which are not rated for viruses, or fit tested, are worn by Americans who are not trained to use them – must be worn inside all of the buildings that help birth our personal liberties.

It was here in Colonial Williamsburg’s courthouse building that this third little girl turned to me – a masked stranger – and asked if I were her daddy. And for the third time, I had to pull down my mask and show my face to have a little girl understand that I was not the man she knew she could trust.

Courthouse (Colonial Williamsburg) - Wikipedia

Now, understand that I am in health care. I am not a sociologist. Heck, I don’t even know if those are the people who study this stuff. But even I know that something is very wrong when the common denominator of three little girls mistaking me for their father happens to be the mask I was wearing.

For the last year people have been warning about the developmental damage of mask wearing to newborns and young children. Watch any of the many “The Still-Face Experiment” videos available online that show what happens to babies when they do not receive the emotional input they require from their parents’ facial expressions. In that linked video, the researcher says, “The results are almost immediate, and they’re devastating.” The child is confused, frustrated,…

…and the child begins to seek that emotional input from elsewhere, such as from a complete stranger.

It is never a good thing for girls to not have attentive, supportive fathers, and it’s interesting that I’ve only had this happen to me with girls and not boys. In less than 15 years we will have to deal with the fallout from hundreds of thousands of teenage girls whose emotional attachment to their fathers was unnaturally twisted from mask policies forced onto us by health “experts”… who decided masks were a necessity only a few months after announcing that masks were useless against viruses.

This mask crap has largely died down, thank God, albeit too predictably replaced by the “vax everybody” mantra we’re forced to suffer through now. But how long the effects of masks will last is anybody’s guess.


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