About Us

Founder- Troy Smith

My name is Troy Smith, I am the owner and founder of this site, and the host of the Troy Smith Show. After I witnessed the theft of our election on November 3, 2020, I decided to begin working online to spread the truth. I started a YouTube channel, Project Freedom, and created this site about a month later. Launch Liberty is a place that you can find the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. This site is FOR and BY the people.

Contributor- Ben Goss

 Benjamin is the oldest son of four, born in the early 1970’s. Ben was the 2010 American Constitution Party Gubernatorial Candidate who resigned his seat in deference to former Congressman Tom Tancredo.  That political move resulted in the first new major political party in Colorado State history in more than 150 years.  

Contributor- Marc King

Marc A. King was a 2018 Republican nominee for a seat in the Maryland Legislature from Legislative District 15. Marc has continued his political activism by providing several blogs related to a variety of recent activities on the MoCo Conservative website. He has also been recognized by Bethesda Magazine who recently published his Open Letter to Marc Elrich in response to protest activities.