I’ve received a few requests about how to properly apply for a religious exemption to The Jab. Because this is not something with which I am familiar, I find myself referring people to the following video:


This video is from a webinar hosted by Maryland gubernatorial candidate Delegate Dan Cox. I’m the first or second presenter after Dan, but what you want begins at about the 47-minute mark where Pastor Christopher Ogne tells you exactly what you need and how to phrase it. Pastor Ogne repeats his guidance at the end of the video as well.

On a similar note, I’m throwing my full support behind Dan Cox. Do I agree with everything he’s ever said or done? Of course not, but something’s wrong if you ever find yourself agreeing 100% with somebody on everything. I’m voting for Dan because he’s just about the only state representative who’s had the courage to stand up to the COVID scam.


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