President Joe Biden was asked about the speculated national security threat that we reported on earlier today while walking outside of the White House this evening. Within our report, we hammered the fact that there has been no confirmation that the national security threat mentioned by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner involves Russia.

One reporter shouted, “President Biden, do you have any comment on Russia deploying nuclear weapons into space?” Biden responded by strangely saying, “Happy Valentines Day!” The President then shuffled away from reporters with First Lady Jill Biden, refusing to answer any real questions from the press.

Per usual, Biden continues to display glaring signs of a rapid and exponential cognitive decline. For other nations around the world, Biden’s daily foolish antics serve as nothing more than an invitation to take whatever they want, whenever they want. It took Biden becoming President for us to see real Russian movement in Ukraine, and looming Chinese movement into Taiwan, and a complete takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Iran has also made major strides during the Biden’s Presidency, advancing their oil exports after the Biden Administration worked with the United Nations to lift crushing sanctions on the Iranian regime.

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