The institutional left, in concert with the lapdog media, spent the entire four years of the Trump administration complaining about the practice of ‘keeping kids in cages’. Vice President Harris referred to the Trump administration’s policy as a human rights violation! Biden PROMISED lawmakers in 2019 that he would END the detention of migrant children.

Project Veritas leaked photos this morning showing the Biden administration keeping kids IN CAGES at border facilities. They housed these children right next to each other in plexiglass cages. This comes after the press was BARRED from entering the facilities. The Biden admin OBVIOUSLY did not want to display their hypocrisy.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki ASSURED the public, just WEEKS ago, that ‘This is NOT kids in cages’. She also claimed that it would be absurd to assume that the Biden administration would be keeping children ‘close together’ in a way that was not ‘COVID safe’.

UNBELIEVABLE LIES! Everything she says in this video is an outright lie. She even tries to frame the reporter as “ridiculous” for even posing the question. She should be fired for this!


As you can see here, the kids ARE in cages. They ARE NOT distanced.

Whatever your thoughts on the effectiveness of the COVID 19 measures, there is no question that our government officials have ensured our adherence to their guidelines. It is absolutely shameful for them to allow this to go on while simultaneously telling Americans to lockdown and get vaccinated.

It shows how much they actually care about said guidelines.

It also further peels back the layer of media bias to reveal the true intention of these health regulations and systems.


The Biden administration must not get away with their blatant hypocrisy and incompetence. It was their policy changes that led to this surge in the first place.

The Biden administration just approved $86 million in taxpayer money for illegal migrants to stay in hotels along the souther border.

WHAT A DISGRACE! Let us not forget that we had a perfectly great deal, the MPP, that would have housed almost all of these migrants in Mexico. MPP was negotiated and implemented by Donald Trump, and it would have completely ended the Obama era policy of keeping children in cages.

Biden IMMEDIATELY ended MPP, along with several other key border initiatives when he got into office.

This administration keeps sinking to new lows. Hopefully the American people are beginning to smell the corruption, the lies, and the deceit.



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