DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Friday that the Biden administration is weighing resuming the Border wall construction that Biden halted on DAY ONE of his administration.

The administration said that they would ‘stop wasting taxpayer money’ when they halted the construction of the southern border wall. That decision, along with the decision to change the migrant acceptance policies have resulted in a CRISIS on a Southern Border.

More illegal immigrants are pouring into our country today than ever before. Housing facilities are absolutely packed to the brim with children.

The Biden administration has not allowed cameras into the housing facilities. Media is not allowed in the door. However, Project Veritas was able to obtain these images from within a child detention facility.

Keep in mind that Biden said that we should END the policy of ‘migrant detention’ all together during the Democrat debates!

Per usual, the politician flip flops. Turns out that President Trump wasn’t supporting the wall to be racist… who would have thought? Turns out WALLS WORK.

Biden considering resuming the border wall construction is sheer proof of the Alinsky-style tactics implemented by the left. They will not have a single problem with being so transparently fake and political. They will instead wear it as a badge of honor.

The fix is simple. Don’t accept a single one of these people. A caravan crossing several countries in search of economic prosperity is not asylum. If someone is able to cross multiple countries, they aren’t seeking asylum. They are seeking to emigrate.

We have a long, strenuous process for that. You don’t just get to show up and get in. American citizenship is something that should be put on a pedestal, not given to anybody who shows up at the front door. Our vetting system ensures that We the People are receiving people who are assets through our immigration system, not liabilities.

President Trump negotiated a great deal for our country with a program with Mexico called MPP, or Migrant Protection Protocols. The program allowed for those seeking asylum to wait in Mexico, unsupported by the U.S. taxpayer, until they were either approved or denied.

This policy, coupled with a strong message of anti-illegal immigration paved the way for the safest most secure border of our lifetimes. For the first time, we had people dictating the policy who had the American people’s interest at heart, not the illegal immigrants.

After all, our leaders are supposed to serve US. What exactly do we the taxpayers owe illegal immigrants? The answer is absolutely NOTHING.

Especially when our own veterans sit homeless on the street. Especially when we have cities ranking as some of the most dangerous in the entire world. The government’s obsession with catering to illegals is a prime example of how our leaders have forgotten who they work for.





  1. The press should be all over Biden over his inciting an invasion of our country across our southern “border”

    Biden, Harris, Perlosi, and the other mouth-piece Democrats incited others to invade America — and then is harboring and siding the invaders.

    That is treason! Why the devil are our Federal agencies not investigating and arresting the perpetrators!?!


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