PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 12: Portland police officers chase demonstrators after a riot was declared during a protest against the killing of Daunte Wright on April 12, 2021 in Portland, Oregon. Wright, a Black man whose car was stopped in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Sunday reportedly for an expired registration, and not far from where George Floyd was killed during an arrest in Minneapolis last May, was shot and killed by an officer who police say mistook her service revolver for a Taser. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

The Biden administration has been rumbling about domestic terrorism for weeks now. Merrick Garland has made it a top priority to quell domestic extremism.

What Garland and the media fail to tell you is that they are only focused on a certain kind of ‘extremism’. They are willing to look passed the most radical elements of their own party. They instead choose to target and overcharge their own political opposition.

The Biden administration isn’t even attempting to hide the bias anymore. They have decided to drop 58 of the 97 criminal charges brought after the Portland riots.

This is not any different than the George Floyd protests all around the country, where MOST cases were dropped.

The unwillingness to prosecute crimes of rioting has shown its results. Rioting is STILL happening in Portland, constantly. When you don’t punish violent rioters, they tend to come back.

Protestors who entered the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021 still sit in jail, without bond, most of them in solitary confinement. Even top Congressional Democrats have come out in denouncing the harsh treatment. Their words, not mine.

The Biden administration wasn’t influenced by Congress on that issue… Just issues that absolutely SCREW the American people like the increase of the refugee cap.

During the Trump administration, Federal charges were required to get violent protestors off of the streets. Localities like Seattle, Portland, and Atlanta repeatedly dropped charges on these violent protestors, allowing them to return right to the streets.

Now that the cases have been placed in the hands of the partisan feds, they are allowing most of the people to walk.

Charles Comfort, who allegedly charged Portland police with a riot shield multiple times, was indicted by a grand jury. Yet, the Justice Department still dismissed his charges.

Another man, David Bouchard, admitted to putting a Customs and Border Agent in a choke-hold, yet had his charges dismissed.

This is all while January 6th protestors sit in jail, without bond, most of them on charges equivalent to trespassing. Not to say that those who commited violent acts that day should not be punished. They obviouslt should. However, a overwhelming majority of those individuals did not act violently. They should not be unjustly punished.

This is ALSO while the FBI is busy raiding Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani over a bogus foreign lobbying investigation. Hunter Biden, 100%, made up to $83k a month on a Ukrainian Energy Company’s Board with NO experience in energy. If you want to start an investigation, look no further than delusional Hunter.

There is absolutely no doubt that this Justice Department’s goal is to punish political opposition.

The bias could not be any more clear. Protest for Trump and we will lock you away for eternity. Protest against Cops, and you can do absolutely whatever you want.

A dangerous precedent to set.




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