Joe Biden absolutely stumbled through his first press conference just yesterday. No, that is not a typo. It took 65 DAYS for Joe Biden to have a press conference. He didn’t reassure anybody, as Biden looked tired, old, and confused as he muddled through the pre-screened questions from reporters.

A picture was taken of Biden from the side, revealing that he had a cheat sheet with reporters faces on it. A literal picture diagram of the reporters, with what seems to be notes about them underneath.

It is a very troubling idea to think that a man who requires a literal picture diagram of reporters to have a press conference is responsible for the nuclear arsenal, military, and entire executive branch.

Is this how much this man is struggling?

At first, I thought “maybe the room is full, and he is just struggling. After all he IS 78.”

Then I saw the room.

The White House press room ain’t as crowded as it used to be. Not after the current administration created the policy of charging each member of the press $170 per person, per day, for COVID testing. Media teams are seldom one reporter. They have cameramen, and other personnel that have to be there as well.

The result is one that is all too common, the smaller outlets are crushed and unable to cover the President. The big media has no problem paying the hefty fines. They make PLENTY of money pushing lies.

Biden wasn’t limited to picture book notes either.

He stumbled and staggered to complete simple sentences, often stopping mid answer and changing his tone and direction.

This man is not fit to lead this country. He needs to be removed from office.

I happen to believe that this was the goal all along. I believe that after watching this man struggle to form syllables for an HOUR, that he is not capable of executing the duties of the office. I don’t think there is a chance in hell that this guy is actually doing anything.

Just as Biden has relinquished control of the southern border to Kamala Harris, I believe he has relinquished most of his duties to partisan appointees. Bureaucratic lawyers who spend their lives slithering through the swamps of D.C. They are the ones running things.

This is not only dangerous, but wrong. We cannot continue to allow this man, and this administration, to take advantage of this country. There is a question as to whether we can survive FOUR years of this administration. If Republicans fail to regain the legislature in 2022, I fear that things will get very tough.

Georgia has just passed voting reform. Arizona is working on voting reform.

Michigan has ruled that the Secretary of State acted illegally, and Wisconsin is in a full on investigation over the election.

We are laying the groundwork for a RED WAVE in 2022.

We The People must do everything in our power to ensure that democrats DO NOT maintain control of the Legislature in 2022, and we must be EXTRA sure to make sure that we end the democrat control of the Executive branch in 2024.

Between the gun control, the radical voting legislation, and the PRO act, which would effectively kill 57 MILLION jobs in this country, the democrats have revealed their true intentions.

Control. It is always about control with them. If we deliver REAL NEWS to the American people, there is no doubt in my mind that we will conquer the lies, the deceit, and the propaganda of the Democrat-Media complex



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