In an unbelievable development, the Star Tribune has reported that the Biden Justice Department had planned to arrest Derek Chauvin in the courthouse had he been found not guilty on all three counts.

The Feds reportedly even planned to arrest Chauvin if the trial ended in a mistrial. Of course, there was talk of a mistrial due to the violent remarks of Maxine Waters and other media officials.

The Justice Department reportedly feared the rioting that would take place if Chauvin were found not guilty. Further proof that mob rule has taken over here in America

The report goes on to explain that under the plan, Minnesota’s Attorney Office would have charged Chauvin by criminal complaint, allowing the Feds to arrest Chauvin on the spot.

Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts by the jury. He now sits in custody awaiting his sentencing, or an appeal.

The Tribune also reported that the Justice Department plans to request that a grand jury indict Chauvin on federal charges, along with the three officers that assisted in arresting Floyd. That could mean further charges at a federal level, on top of the hefty state charges.

This seems to be a CLEAR usurpation of justice. We now know that what the jury decided about Derek Chauvin didn’t really matter. I believe this kind of naked injustice is grounds for impeachment.

You don’t get to flaunt the rule of law this flagrantly. Officials had reportedly been building these charges in secret for months. Concealing their true intentions.

If you remember, Biden claimed to hope for the correct verdict on the day of the verdict.

We now know that the entire time, he understood that Chauvin would be guilty either way.

He even had his Feds there, ready to pounce. This kind of flagrant abuse of power should enrage every single American.

Chauvin is now facing up to 40 years in prison. However you feel about that case, this administration’s abuse of power, justice, and rule of law should terrify you. Plotting to overturn the verdict of a jury with federal power borders on TREASON.

This administration is CRIMINAL!


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