Maryland has been suffering for a long time. Our streets run red with blood. Murders seem to come and go every single day.

The law abiding sit behind bars in their homes, praying that a stray bullet doesn’t penetrate the walls of their homes and kill them.

Now our students are under attack. Mandatory vaccinations have forced thousands into choices that they didn’t want to make. Stripping them of their freedom of choice.

If they can even get to the class, the students are then blasted with a bunch of ‘Critical Race Theory’ and taught to hate each other.

We cannot stand this any longer. We need an Attorney General who will lock up the criminals, and protect the law abiding. To empower the people of Maryland to take charge of their communities and lead. We want peace, we want freedom, and we want justice.

We aren’t getting that now. We need real change. We need leaders who understand the values of our country, and how they make us successful compared to other countries around the world.

We can start with the Attorney General’s office. Gordana Schifaneli, a great patriot, has announced her exploratory campaign for Attorney General of Maryland in 2022.

Gordana has battled the racist ‘Critical Race Theory’ successfully. She has embraced constitutionality, and denounced the left wing terrorism of cancel culture.

This is her statement…

After long and careful consideration, Gordana Schanelli, Esq. will begin exploratory campaign for Maryland’s Attorney General in 2022.

She has fought for our children to get back to schools, and organized Kent Island Patriots to have a platform to speak freely here on Facebook after being canceled by Facebook herself.

She has fought against Radical left wing terrorism in our local community who began targeting people at their Jobs Over Political Disagreements. Now the danger That our children Face expands to blackmailing our students with mandatory experimental use of Covid -19 vaccines in public and private colleges and universities. This is an attack on our free choice to receive The Covid-19 Vaccine.

The communist attack on our Constitution and especially our 1st Amendment is open and notorious.
There is no other candidate who can fight better for us to preserve our Constitutional freedoms than Gordana.

She grew up in communist Yugoslavia – a country that suffered the same faith some 30 years ago as the U.S. citizens are suffering today. She has two graduate degrees and an enormous experience in law, economics and finance. She owns her own business and is willing to continue to sacrifice herself for our freedoms.

We, as Patriots, have A unique opportunity to make historY in Maryland. If Gordana wins in 2022, she will be the first female Attorney General in Maryland’s history.

if we help her win- she will become the first Republican AG since 1952. The last Republican AG was Edward D.E. Rolling who served one term from 1952-1956!

She is a mother of 3 boys.
Her husband is Marc Schifanelli, Esq. who Is our elected BOE Vice President, a 22 year veteran in he US Army, Green Beret and Maryland Attorney.
Gordana is a Graduate of University of Baltimore School of Law.
Let’s support Gordana!
Stay tuned and let’s keep in winning ??

Launch Liberty is 100% behind Gordana, and her efforts to get Maryland back on track. The useless bureaucrats have run our state into the ground. They are Republican, and Democrat.

We need an Attorney General who will see to it that Maryland is clean, safe, and prosperous. We have our candidate!




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