Jerry Nadler, Democrat House Representative From New York, is announcing his legislation today to expand the Supreme Court from 9 Justices to 13.

In the Bill, the Democrats would be allowed to appoint the 4 additional justices. This is what so many in the media and Republican party have warned about.

‘Court packing’ was the terminology. We have had 9 Supreme Court Justices since the end of the Civil War in the late 1800s. The process has been largely the same since then.

Biden was asked by reporters about court packing during his campaign, and he refused to answer the question. He said that the voters do not deserve to know his intentions, and that Trump was playing ‘a game’ by asking Biden about court packing.

The reason that Democrats want to expand the Supreme Court is because it is the only branch of Government that they do not explicitly control.

Though Congress ultimately decides who ends up on the Court, they do not control the Justices after they approved.

For instance, Clarence Thomas wrote a very important piece just a few weeks ago about the Supreme Court dealing with Big Tech censorship. Congress hates that Clarence Thomas might actually have a say in the governing process.

One of the largest victories of the Trump administration was the appointment of THREE new Supreme Court justices. Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. You can argue as to the strength of each of those justices, but they are no doubt better than the authoritarian activists that would have been put in by the Democrats.

Trump contibuted to 1/3 of the current Supreme Court. That is why the Democrats want to destroy it.

In the debates, Trump and Chris Wallace pushed Biden over the question of packing the court.

Biden refused to answer, further dismissing the idea. We now know why!

This administration, along with the Democrat Occupying Forces in Congress are in an all-out sprint to dismantle our Constitution, and our National Security.

We MUST run on IMPEACHING JOE BIDEN in 2022. His entire administration is committing out in the open TREASON. His Democrat allies in the Senate continue to push through mind numbingly ignorant and catastrophic legislation that benefits NOBODY but themselves and their friends.

This party is absolutely having their way with the American people. That is why we must continue to SPREAD THE WORD.





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