The House or Representatives continues to pass unbelievably unconstitutional and INSANE legislation.

Today they passed a measure that would BAN private transfers of guns. You would no longer be able to give guns to family or friends without a FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK.

Shall not be infringed, right?

The House is expected to vote on a bill that would allow INDEFINITE delays on gun sales in the coming weeks. It is being sold as the “Enhanced Background Checks Act”. Some states currently allow gun sales to be completed while part of the background check is still under review. The coming bill would OUTLAW this practice. If you wanted to purchase a firearm, you would be at the mercy of the operating speed of the FBI. Good luck with that!

The bill could have passed without bipartisan support, however, 8 republicans voted for the measure to side with Democrats. They are…

Vern Buchanan (FL)
Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
Maria Salazar (FL)
Andrew Garbarino (NY)
Chris Smith (NJ)
Fred Upton (MI)
Carlos Gimenez (FL)
Adam Kinzinger (IL)

These people are frauds. They have voted in step with the democrats in order to further strangle our second amendment. Gun control is a defining issue for the American people. Gun control is wildly unpopular. The people understand, more legal guns = less crime. We must ensure that people that stand in the way of our second amendment are DISOWNED by the new republican party.

One democrat, Jared Golden (ME), voted against the measure. Good for him for standing up for our country. Maine has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country, and enjoy one of the lowest crime rates because of it.

As you can see from this clip that has been largely scrubbed from the internet, one of the most seasoned Democrats admits the plan.

THEY WANT YOUR GUNS, THEY ALWAYS HAVE. All of these slight increases to regulation and background checks lead to their goal. Registration to Confiscation. It always goes the same way.

The Gun Control Bills are to face tough odds in the Senate.

Take action and contact your Senator TODAY with this link (

Tell them NO TO GUN CONTROL. Our freedoms depend on it!



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