Jonathan Mellis was arrested following the events of January 6th. He has been held without bail this entire time. No trial has taken place.

Mellis was even denied time off to attend his FATHER’S FUNERAL. Mellis has now penned a letter to American citizens detailing the gruesome conditions he is being held in.

Mellis writes…

“My name in Jonathan Mellis. I am a January 6 Capitol detainee being held in the DC jail. In the last 7 months I have experienced and witnessed the most inhumane and hateful treatment of my 34 years of life.

The DOJ and the Biden Administration are doing everything in their power to break me. 

I write this from solitary confinement on September 15 with no clear explanation as to why I’ve been isolated or how long I will be here. I have been locked in this small concrete cell for over a month at this point. They call solitary confinement “the hole”. This is totally appropriate because I feel like I have been dropped to the bottom of a deep and dark hole in the ground and forgotten. I am alone. My mind is all I have to keep me company. And that can become quite a scary thing after weeks all alone. What makes this much worse is that I’m not told exactly why I was put down here or when this lonely torture will end. Every deadline given by the policy book to the jail to explain to me why I am in solitary confinement has been totally ignored. If I were in trouble I would have been served a Disciplinary Report within 2 days. I was not. I should have been seen by the Housing Board within 7 days. I was not. I get no answers. All I get is lied to by Sergeants and Lieutenants.

This kind of isolation and disrespect is very harmful to one’s mind and body. At first being locked in a small moldy cell is horrible and sad. You miss human interaction and your mind is racing. After a while this turns into desperate loneliness and frustration. You get headaches for days at a time and try to sleep all day. It has become a real depression. You feel worthless and ignored. Then as your energy starts to come back from sleeping all the time, it brings with it a ball of rage in your gut. You feel injured, angry, and helpless. You know you are being mistreated and there is nothing you can do about it. Your head hurts and your back muscles are tense. All the normal things in your life that give you stress are amplified and you are now consumed by bad and negative emotions. They are really hurting you. There is the feeling that you just want to collapse emotionally and physically. You just want to give up. The 4 walls of this concrete box are closing in on you. Your skin is crawling and you feel claustrophobic. It’s a nightmare. 

How long will they make me do this? I don’t know. But I already know from experience that all of us January 6 detainees were held on solitary confinement until July. So I know first hand how long these monsters are willing to do this to me. This is inhumane and people think its OK because I’m a Trump supporter. I love people and I try to live a virtuous life. But because I like Trump they don’t see me as human. They enjoy watching me suffer. It makes them smile. How sick is that? The pure hate within the Justice Department is obvious in their actions. They are a sadistic bunch. It’s actually quite scary. There were over 500 violent riots last year. All of them were Left wing. Nobody is searching for these people. As a matter of fact, anyone who was arrested has most likely had their charges dropped. They were even encouraged by the Democrat politicians. They were applauded as they burned buildings down, destroyed businesses, killed people, and looted cities. They attacked police officers and took over police precincts. But nobody is sitting in jail for it. Much less being subjected to the inhumane treatment we Trump supporters experience. We live in constant fear of being shackled and beaten by the correctional officers. This has already happened. Several of us have been beaten by the correctional officers. Yet nobody really cares because we are Trump supporters.

I am currently engaged in a deep spiritual battle. I will not let evil win. I am strong. But it is hard. They want to break me. I will not let them. My love for this country will never end. Please do not believe everything you read about me in the news. They are crucifying me before my trial. I was trying to help the people being crushed by police.

I also am pleading for any help you can afford (even it is just a few dollars) to help with my legal bills so I can get justice. There is no where else I can turn than to my fellow citizens. Please pray for me on the outside.

Strength and Honor,

Jonathan Mellis #376907.”

You can donate to Jonathan’s legal defense fund here. I encourage all of my readers to contribute what they can. We will be contributing.

The Biden Administration has decided that they are going to ILLEGALLY and UNLAWFULLY detain these individuals in solitary confinement WITHOUT bail.

There has been no trial. Mellis is SUPPOSED TO BE innocent until PROVEN guilty. He is not being afforded his Constitutional right to a speedy and fair trial.

Joe Bigges, Proud Boys Leader, has also detailed horrid conditions in Florida where he is being held without trial or bond.

Furthermore, there are international laws that the United States has agreed to abide by.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the ‘Mandela Rules’ prevent individuals from being tortured like Mellis and hundreds of others are enduring.

The Mandela Rules are a minimum standard of United Nations rules that defines solitary confinement as “the confinement of prisoners for 22 hours or more a day without meaningful human contact.” According to the rules, solitary confinement can only be used in exceptional circumstances, and “prolonged” solitary confinement of more than 15 consecutive days is regarded as a form of torture.

This is quite literally torture. Something we never thought could happen in America.

Contact your State Representatives, your Local Representatives, and anybody that you can. This mistreatment of American citizens CANNOT STAND.

The Biden Administration should be REMOVED FROM POWER following these revelations. Congress must act NOW! CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN NOW AND DEMAND THAT OUR FELLOW AMERICANS BE FREED!







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