Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ronen Tivony/SOPA Images/Shutterstock (10574651h) Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a campaign rally in Los Angeles. Joe Biden Presidential Election Campaign, Los Angeles, USA - 03 Mar 2020

The Government Accountability Office has launched an investigation into Joe Biden. The investigations stems from a day one executive order halting construction and funding of Donald Trump’s border wall.

The investigation was launched just today. It comes after 40 republican Senators penned a letter to the GAO alleging that the funding freeze was illegal.

The Senators say that the Biden policy had a direct correlation to the surge in migrants that we have seen.

Keep in mind that the border wall is favored by a majority of independents and republicans, with even 13% of democrats supporting the border wall.

We have direct evidence of that, as Joe Biden said on the democratic debate stage that he would move to accept ‘anybody who wanted to come here’ and encouraged people to come.

Migrants were seen wearing Biden T-shirts just last month. Begging the President to fulfill his promise to them.

Migrants wear 'Biden, Please Let Us In!' shirts at US-Mexico border

Unfortunately, Joe Biden made promises to these folks that he himself couldn’t fund. His kindness relies on YOUR tax money. Just last week the Biden administration sent $86 MILLION to Texas for HOTELS for migrants.

Biden is absolutely responsible for the crisis at our border. Let us not forget the absolute hypocrisy this administration committed when it was caught keeping ‘kids in cages’, something Biden and the dems RAILED against Trump for.

Trump was correct in asking Biden, “Who built the cages, Joe?”. It was not Trump. Trump actually put forth an executive order to end the “children in cages policy”. The Biden admin has obviously reinstated it. An absolutely hypocritical slap in the face to the American people.

The 40 republican Senators rightfully called for an investigation into the actions of the Biden administration, as they are causing much trouble for the citizens of the United States.

Authorities at the border report being overrun. This is making it incredibly difficult for them to do their job effectively, which is keeping dangerous people out of the country.

Joe Biden has endangered all of us with his reckless, insane immigration policies. He MUST be held accountable!


  1. 1. What? Biden is not a king??

    2. Gee, I sure hope those that composed the “Excecutive Order” — as well as those that told Biden to sign it — are indicted as “accessories” and the whole collection of “swamp rats” are taken down and flushed away!


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