Meena Harris, a lawyer, and the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris made several racist tweets on Monday after the Colorado grocery shooting. Harris, who had no idea who the suspect was, immediately took to twitter blasting ‘white men’ as the ‘greatest terror threat to our country’. The tweet was taken down after the shooter wa revealed to be Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Syrian migrant.

White House Asks Kamala Harris' Niece Meena Harris To Not Use Aunt For  Building Her Brand: Report
Meena and Kamala Harris

Meena Harris should be DISBARRED for her racist comments. She pulled back her mask to reveal an ugly, hateful mindset. This kind of behavior and racist thought process has absolutely no place in the American Bar Association. Be sure to call the California Bar Association and let them know about Meena Harris’ comments (

After looking into Meena Harris I discovered that her father, brother in law of Kamala Harris, Anthony West, is a TOP Uber Executive making over $12 million.

Sen. Kamala Harris Backed Bill to Increase Ride-Share Driver Wages Despite  Close Family Ties to Uber | KTLA
West and Harris

West reportedly received a stock bonus of over $10 million, along with an additional $1.4 million cash payment. Is it coincidence that this is all occurring during the Vice President’s rise to political power?

Uber shows no record of West as an executive in 2019. He appears in 2020.

This seems to be out in the open corruption. We just reported that Hunter Biden is living in a $5.4 million mansion in Venice Beach. Now it turns out that Harris has family that have seemed to greatly benefit from her political career.

This is not acceptable.

We need an investigation in to these people. SPREAD THE WORD. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!


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