Yesterday, Launch Liberty released a bombshell report about 3rd Vice Chairman of the MDGOP Gary Michael Collins. In the exclusive investigation, Worcester County Commissioner-Elect Caryn Abbott revealed that Collins had taken money from her campaign in exchange for mailer services that he never provided.

In the communications obtained through our investigation, Collins demanded a wire transfer to his own company called ‘Red Tsunami Strategies’.

Today, Launch Liberty is reporting that the Nicolee Ambrose Campaign for Congress paid ‘Red Tsunami Strategies’ a total of $28,965 during the 2022 Election.

Collins claims to serve as the ‘Communications Director’ to the Ambrose campaign in this official campaign statement. Why was the Ambrose Campaign directing money to a company owned by their own ‘Communications Director’?

Public record shows that Red Tsunami was created on June 2nd, 2022. One must ask themselves how the Ambrose campaign has a recorded transaction to ‘Red Tsunami’ and Collins on May, 20th, 2022… weeks before the business was ever created.

Is this self-enrichment?

In our investigation published yesterday, we revealed that the majority of Caryn Abbott’s mailers were never sent out by ‘Red Tsunami’ and Gary Collins… Did the Ambrose mailers go out?

Was this a scheme in order to funnel money into the pockets of Gary Collins for assisting in the Ambrose Campaign? In Facebook posts made by Ambrose, she celebrates Collins for ‘working’ by being on the phone during a parade.

Was Collins ever paid for his ‘work’? Launch Liberty could find no evidence that the Ambrose campaign ever made a payment to Gary Collins. Only ‘Red Tsunami’, which is owned by Collins.

Launch Liberty has been at the forefront of exposing the Ambrose campaign since early 2022, before she ever secured her primary victory. Ambrose still serves as the National Committeewoman to the RNC, a position which by Party law prohibits her from seeking political office.

She ignored the law. She secured her nomination, and was then soundly defeated by Democrat Incumbent Dutch Ruppersburger in November.

We exposed that Dirk Haire exceeded the legal limit in donations made to the Ambrose campaign in this cycle.

We have now uncovered that Gary Collins received over $28k from the exact same campaign. How deep does the corruption go?

To get a better perspective on the entire situation, enjoy the latest edition of the Troy Smith Show with Caryn Abbott below. It covers Collins and his actions in detail.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.




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