Go woke, go broke. Hollywood has been reeling since the Coronavirus pandemic started. One of the first things to be shut down during the pandemic were movie theaters.

The top grossing film of 2019 was Avengers: Endgame. It grossed $858.3 Million.

The top grossing film of 2020 was Bad Boys For Life, which only grossed $204.4 Million.

The industry is DYING.

The result has been stagnant movie production and a huge drop off in viewership for everything surrounding Hollywood. Even just last year, the Oscars reported a viewership of 23.6 Million, a previous all time low.

In 1998, the awards show pulled in over 55 MILLION viewers.

This year, the Oscars drew a putrid 9.85 million viewers. That is the first time in the history of the program that it has dipped below 10 million viewers. It is also the lowest ratings that the Oscars have EVER seen.

That is a 58% decrease in viewership from last year alone.

Nobody cares anymore.

For comparison, the Oscars are on ONCE every year. Tucker Carlson Tonight is on every single night, and Tucker averages somewhere around 4 million viewers.

We have talk show hosts reaching HALF of the Oscars audience every single night.

While it seems unreal, television numbers are down lower than they have really ever been. Americans are turning off the TV. They have been since the Obama years.

Before his death, Rush Limbaugh was getting 15-20 million listeners a week on AM radio. When President Trump would call in to his program, Limbaugh could expect an audience the size of the 1998 Oscars’ audience. Something as simple and antiqueted as an AM radio station can beat the Oscars.

You wouldn’t believe it at first, but it is true. Americans have tuned out the social justice in search of real news, entertainment, and life. They will go to an AM radio over a movie theater. It all depends on the content.

Hollywood’s monopoly on opinion is over. It has been for some time. The people have figured out that it isn’t always the more glamorous option that is the best. Hating your audience isn’t exactly how you sustain viewership!

Maybe, if the Oscars focused on actual talent, success, or art to determine their winners, more would tune in. The harsh reality, that the Hollywood elite refuse to accept, is that NOBODY wants to see some unknown foreign movie win best picture.

It seems to happen every single year. A virtually unknown, unseen film gets the honor. On top of all of that, the audience is subjected to liberal talking point after liberal talking point. It absolute torture to sit there and attempt to watch this program.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how this program even achieved 9 million viewers. I attempted to screen some videos from the night, and could barely make it through a single video.

If you are brave enough, you can watch the cringe inducing clips right here.

Every word uttered by these dopey-eyed actors is self serving. The actors believe that by pretending behind a camera, they are somehow ‘saving the world’.

Every acceptance speech seems to be tossed aside. In its place, the actors inject lectures about racism, sexism, and the climate. The audience panders to the speaker, usually acting shocked and applauding.

News flash, Hollywood… It isn’t courageous to say something in a room where literally 100% of the people agree with you.

Americans know that, and that is why they turned off the woke Oscar awards.

Nobody wants to sit and listen to people who fly private jets lecture poor people about climate change. Nobody wants to sit there and listen to people who harbored and protected Harvey Weinstein for years preach about sexism. America is DONE with Hollywood.

I am happy to see such a disgusting organization of slime continue to FAIL! Lets shoot for under 5 million viewers next year!


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