91% Percent of the “Covid Relief Bill” pushed and peddled by the Democrats has absolutely NOTHING to do with COVID. Less than 9% of the actual bill goes to “fight the virus”, as outlined by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in this statement.

When talking about the plan, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the bill would help get Americans back to work.

As those of us in reality understand, massive increases in Government spending will help absolutely no one.

Not a SINGLE Republican voted for this measure in the House, or the Senate. Several Democrats voted with Republicans in an attempt to block the bill in the House. The amount of people receiving stimulus has been DRASTICALLY lowered from the Republican bill.

The media has been making a big deal about the “vote a thon” that occurred, where Senators were actually forced to LISTEN and READ the bill that they wanted to pass. That is considered “tedious” nowadays. The session resulted in a removal of the “$15 federal minimum wage” clause, along with several other Republican led rejections. Republicans failed to get the votes to block biological males from participating in women’s sports. With a $3 trillion deficit, and over $28 trillion in overall debt, more spending is exactly what we don’t need.

Rubber Stamp Joe will have no problem fulfilling the wants and needs of the D.C. swamp, and undoubtedly will sign the Democrat wish list known as the “Covid Relief Bill”.

These politicians have no problem funding their friends, foreign countries, or their corrupt wall street friends. The only problem seems to be when it comes to funding US, the TAXPAYERS!


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