Democrat Joe Manchin has announced that he will not be supporting the Biden backed ‘infrastructure plan’ which includes an increase in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. This is great news, as the supposed ‘infrastructure plan’ only gives 6% of the money for ‘roads, bridges, and tunnels’. The rest goes to environmental reconstruction and broadband internet, something already readily available to most of America.

Just like the ‘COVID Relief Bill’ that gave less than 9% of the money to ‘fight COVID’, the Democrats are playing a marketing game of words. ‘Relief’ and ‘Infrastructure’ are popular. Just saying the words will garner huge public support.

The scam is to call the bill one thing, and have it accomplish something completely different. For those who don’t pay attention to detail, they can easily be duped by mainstream media with grand marketing terms like ‘relief’ and ‘infrastructure’. The media never mention that only 6% of the bill is actually for infrastructure….

Manchin holds a CRUCIAL seat in the near dead even Senate.

Senator Manchin also added that ‘6-7’ other Democrats would not be supporting the bill.

Instead of the proposed 28% hike, Manchin has said that he would support reducing the proposes rate of 28% to 25%. The rate is currently 21%, lowered from 38% by Trump and the tax cut.

25% is the exact number that China uses as their corporate tax rate. Many reports came out after the woke ‘infrastructure’ bill was released that 28% would put us in a noncompetitive position with China. Of course, these articles made no mention of the SLAVE LABOR that exists in China. They never talk about that.

Estimates are currently around 3.8 MILLION people that are currently enslaved in China. Their crimes range from dissenting to the government, to believing in religion.

The truth is that the United States needs an extremely lower corporate tax rate to make up for the labor costs. We cannot charge 25%, or even 21% for that matter, and remain competitive.

We should be LOWERING tax rates right now. Of course, that would require government to tax responsibility and cut their own spending. They are allergic to such responsibility.

The people need the money more than ever. Instead, we have big government Democrats attempting to jam more regulation down our throats.

Luckily, there seem to be a few Senate Democrats who will stand up and block this absurd bill from passing. The LAST thing Americans need right now is a larger tax bill.


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