Socialism is here. The first month of the ‘American Rescue Plan’ has just revealed to be a total disaster.

Congress passed the ‘American Rescue Plan’ back in March. A $1.9 TRILLION plan that included a host of liberal goodies.

The bill includes…

$800 Million in Foreign Aid.

$350 BILLION for State Bailouts

$1.7 Billion For Amtrak

$470 Million for Museums and Art Exhibits

$86 BILLION for a Pension Bailout

$100 Million for the EPA to look into “Pollution Disparities”

$127 BILLION to K-12 schools with NO REQUIREMENT of Reopening

We are now starting to see the effects of such reckless spending. The April jobs report revealed the stunning effects of this ridiculous ‘plan’.

The U.S. economy was expected to create 1 million jobs in April. In actuality, it only created 266,000. A shortfall of over 700,000 jobs.

Unemployment current sits at 6.1%

Our leaders told us that all of this government spending was going to save our economy. They even called the bill ‘The American Rescue Plan’. Now we understand who they were really rescuing. Unions, government workers, and foreign governments.

The media struggled to even read the report. Over at CNBC, the hosts struggled to read the jobs report.

Hoping for a typo, they looked over the results again and again. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

The host goes on to say that the report was a massive disappointment.

I, for one, am not shocked at all. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that big government socialism has absolutely failed every time it has been tried. The people suffer, the politicians get rich, and chaos takes place in the streets.

It happens the same way in nearly every country that goes all-in on government. Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and now the United States.

As bad as they seem, these numbers are just the beginning. Joe Biden displayed exactly why things are going to continue to get worse in his address following the report.

Biden urged for MORE government spending. He urged Congress to pass his new massive ‘American Families Act’. Another bill misnamed in search of ignorance.

The bill includes another whopping $1.9 Trillion in spending. Biden also urged Congress to pass his ‘infrastructure plan’ which is said to cost north of $2 Trillion.

They still haven’t learned… or maybe they have. It would be hard for me to sit here and actually believe that these attempts to immobilize our economy are committed only out of ignorance. In my opinion, it would be impossible to look at the facts of our current economic situation and ask for MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING in an honest way.

Government spending IS the problem. Real people are already starting to see the effects of that.

The prices of everyday building materials have absolutely SKYROCKETED in the United States. Contractors are paying more than EVER before, sometimes paying up to 4x the normal price for things like wood, copper, and PVC.

The prices will continue to soar, and the jobs will continue to fall. This is the planned and executed implosion of our nation.

Biden has created an artificial gas shortage with his insane green policies. By failing to issue permits for fossil fuels, and creating new regulations in order to stifle fuel production, the United States is set to have a gas shortage in the summer of 2021.

We reportedly have less that 1/3 of the gasoline that we need for the coming summer. No more is being produced. Prices of gasoline will SOAR this summer.

The American people are about to experience an economic hell the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. It is an artificial hell. It was created by the current regime.

Under President Trump, the United States quickly rose to the number one fossil fuel producer in the world. Fossil fuels were the new American steel. We were exporting fossil fuels and returning industry to the United States while doing it.

That was until Joe Biden. Until Democrat control. Now we have shortages.

We need to DEMAND leadership that will fight for our rights as a nation. Until we have that, we will continue to see our prices rise, and our opportunities fall.

America FIRST is the answer. It is an effort to restore the American People as the primary benefactors of legislation, not the primary target.

This jobs report makes it clear, the Democrats and Joe Biden are putting America LAST.




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