As you can see in the link above, the United Nations has a website directing migrants on how to move around the world. The website focuses on educating migrants on how to claim asylum, where to seek it, and with whom they can get what. This is the same United Nations that has allowed encouraged the COVID lock downs, devastating economies all over the entire world.

Millions in the first world are out of work, meaning that people in the third world whose economies rely on our own are failing. People are starving, and desperately seeking to find a place to earn a living. What they do not realize is that America is struggling to. We have an unemployment crisis of major proportions, and bringing in thousands of low skilled laborers to drag the market down will not help a single American. It will hurt Americans.

The United Nations has revealed itself to be an organization made by elitists to benefit elitists. Instead of helping to build stronger communities in the third world, the U.N. instead focuses on sending them to America.

Importing thousands of low skilled workers is not in the interest of any American worker, and shows the true nature of those in power. They don’t care about anybody, or anything. They only care about getting things cheaper.

They don’t care if it’s American families, or Honduran families working. Seeing that the U.N. has an enormous influence on American politics, I would say this is a huge problem.

We need to forget the one world government dreams of the U.N. and embrace a pro America approach to policy. Not enact policy based on benefiting the citizens of other nations, but our own. Seems amazing that we have to make this distinction, but it’s absolutely necessary in today’s world.

We need to use our political system to protect Americans. Plain and simple. The United Nations completely stands in the way of this objective. They wish to invade our Country not with troops, but with economic implosion.

With a globalist sponsored party now in control of the legislative and executive branches of government, it will surely be hard to combat this assault on our Country.


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