Sharp Films published their new documentary Anecdotals on December 11, 2022. Less than 48 hours later, the video was removed for “Violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”. No guideline is specificed in the removal message, that visitors to the URL are now greeted with. According to Executive Producer Josh Stylman, it was taken down due to “medical misinformation”.

SharpFilms’ Anecdotal was removed from the YouTube video sharing platform

Unfortunately for YouTube and the world governments, other platforms that cater to free speech enthusiasts have not and will not remove this in-depth 82 minutes long documentary. A program that not only amplifies the stories of COVID-19 vaccine injured individuals, but also shines the light on the media and government cover up. As the old idiom goes, “Sometimes the lie is worse than the crime.”

This is the third COVID-19 vaccine injury documentary in recent months that YouTube have censored. The previous two films were Died Suddenly and Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion.

YouTube has an estimated 1.7 billion unique visitors per month, so the removal of any video from their platform severely limits its reach. On top of mainstream media censorship of such films, people harmed by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Astra-Zenica products are being cast aside yet again. The question is…why?

I reached out to YouTube via Twitter but they have not responded as of the publication time for this article. They typically do not publicly respond to controversial articles about their company. But one day, they may have to in front of a court of law. This company, who prides themselves on promoting progressive ideology (just take a gander through their Twitter feed), have censored the hard dedicated work of a black woman filmmaker with a medical injury and aren’t apologizing. Whatever happened to leaning in and believing all women?

Documentary filmmaker Jennifer Sharp. Credit: “Anecdotals”

You may watch Anecdotals at its official Odysee backup link and if you enjoyed the film can donate via their official web site. You can find even more information about the documentary on this Substack page.


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