By: Marc King

The headline at reads:

“As China Declares War with US Inevitable, Army General Highlights Need for Fighting Vehicles” …

Having served as an Armor officer for some 23 years, I understand full well what the General is confronting. He went on to say…

“China has 7,000 tanks and 3,000 infantry fighting vehicles, “so 10,000 vehicles that will be decisive if we are not there,”

Maj. Gen. Richard Coffman, director of the Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team, told an audience at a Center for Strategic & International Studies event.”

Now, while the Army is dealing with the idea that we might just be out gunned in a land war with China as noted above, the Secretary of Defense, as reported in the 16 March edition of Air Force Magazine, is focused on..

Sec. of Defense Directs Pentagon to Champion LGBTQI+ Rights

“Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III on March 12 directed the Defense Department to “take steps to rescind any directives, orders, regulations, policies, or guidance” that doesn’t line up with President Joe Biden’s Feb. 4 memorandum that charged multiple U.S. government organizations with championing and safeguarding the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) individuals by April 15”

Are you seeing the pattern here … Stand down for 60 days to “weed out any extremism in the ranks”, and while you are doing that make sure that there is plenty of support for the Biden policies on LGBTQI+.

No words about readiness or warfighting capabilities. No words from the Sec. of Defense about China declaring war with the US is inevitable. None of that —just be sure that you have eliminated everyone with a tattoo that might offend … or a Twitter account that reflects support for the name of an Army post long named for a General of the Confederacy.

Make sure that the men know how women feel in high heels.

And while we are busy with all this, we have noticed that a group of 50 Socialist Democrats in Congress, as announced in The Hill, is

“urging President Biden to “significantly” slash the more than $700 billion Pentagon budget.” The letter follows reports that Pentagon officials are crafting a $704 billion to $708 billion fiscal 2022 budget request that is essentially flat compared to this year’s Defense Department budget. In their letter, the Socialist Democrats argued “part of undoing the damage” of the Trump administration is a reevaluation of spending priorities and that such a reevaluation should “begin with the Department of Defense.” “Hundreds of billions of dollars now directed to the military would have greater return if invested in diplomacy, humanitarian aid, global public health, sustainability initiatives, and basic research,” they wrote. “We must end the forever wars, heal our veterans, and re-orient towards a holistic conception of national security that centers public health, climate change and human rights.”

Undoing the damage of the Trump Administration? I suspect that none of these Socialist Democrats remember Obama’s “Sequestration”

Sequestration was a budgeting process that left a hollow military. No ammunition. A Marine Corp that was forced to cannibalize airplane parts from operational aircraft just to keep other aircraft flying, going so far as to scavenge parts from planes that had been retired as displays at the front gate of their bases. That is just one example of the damaging impact of sequestration.

Let’s quickly review… The Chinese see war as inevitable with the US — The DoD is looking for unacceptable tattoos on the arms of soldiers and checking to see who is unhappy in their gender and wants to change from being a man to being a woman … Generals are asking for the Next Generation Combat Vehicle and the Socialist Democrats in Congress want to prepare for war by investing…

“hundreds of billions of dollars now directed to the military in diplomacy, humanitarian aid, global public health, sustainability initiatives, and basic research.”

So … America, what can possibly go wrong?

Make no mistake, the enemy is at the gates and they will not stop until they are forced to or they win what they are seeking. The country needs to decide if it wants to still be America or if it wants to become a third world nation with all that entails. They are not hard decisions; but they will take some backbone on the part of our politicians to continue fighting on our behalf. Remember — Socialist Democrats fight until they win — Republicans will fight until they lose. This is the paradigm that we must all work to change.


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