Patrisse Khan-Cullors is a self avowed Marxist. She also is a leader of Black Lives Matter.

A report from the New York Post this week detailed how Cullors had reportedly made upwards of $20,000 a MONTH as the chairwoman of a jail reform initiative.

Just like a good Marxist, Cullors raked in the cash and splurged. Big time. That is what Marxists do, after all!

She even recently purchased a home near Malibu Beach for an estimated $1.4 million. The neighborhood the home is located in is almost exclusively white, at 88%.

Cullors made a deal with Warner Brothers last year. The deal was for her production of ‘political activism’ pieces. The deal is over multiple years and the finances have not been disclosed.

Cullors has dismissed the attacks on her wealth as ‘white supremacist’, but you could have guessed that. She has obviously made quite a living doing just that.

The real tragedy is those who believe in the nonsense that Cullors and her hateful group are pushing. While they make millions and live in fancy Malibu beach homes, real people suffer.

I want you to watch this video. It is a video of one of the most violent, crime ridden areas of our country, Baltimore City.

There is little hope in the eyes of the people that you see. There are homeless, everywhere. There is trash, everywhere. It looks like something out of a third world country.

This is the reality of everyday life for millions of Americans. Nothing has changed for them. In fact, things have gotten a lot worse. This video was taken just a few days ago.

The reality is that Black Lives Matter funded DEMOCRATS. The same Democrats that have ruled over Baltimore for the last 60 years. They lied to the people they pretended to care about, and got rich doing it.

Let us not focus on the color of each other’s skin, but the content of each other’s character. Dr. Martin Luther King’s words are more relevant today than ever before.

We must embrace each other as Americans, above all else. Black Lives Matter wants no part of that. They seek to divide us further, because that’s how they make their millions!




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