After the mainstream media attempted to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop for over a year, the New York Times and Washington Post have finally admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story was in fact true.

This site has chronicled Hunter’s “laptop from hell” dating back to May of 2021. It had been revealed via the New York Post that Hunter Biden had set up meetings between Ukrainian Energy company Burisma’s executive Vadym Pozharskyi and then-VP Joe Biden in 2015.

Back in April of 2021, I wrote an article detailing that Hunter Biden was living in a $5.4 million Venice canal home. Daily Mail, at the time, reported that taxpayers were paying up to $25k per month to house Hunter Biden is the expensive California home.

Even though I had reported on these matters in 2021, I was far from the first to do so. Remember, Trump was talking about Hunter Biden during the 2020 Election.

Articles dating back to 2019 detail the fact that Hunter Biden was working on the Board of a Ukrainian Energy Company, Burisma, with literally zero relevant experience. Not only was Hunter a member, but he reportedly made over $850k from the company.

These revelations are far from new. Followers of this site assuredly knew most, if not all, of this information prior to the New York Times ‘confirming’ the Hunter Biden story.

My question is, why did the New York Times wait until now to acknowledge the truth about Hunter’s ‘captured laptop’?

The New York Post is now reporting that…

“A federal grand jury is now hearing evidence Hunter committed tax fraud and violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act” They follow with “Indictments WILL follow”

With war raging in Ukraine, and with mainstream media cameras plastered wall-to-wall with footage of the supposed ‘start of WW3’, why has not ONE media member questioned the fact that Hunter Biden was paid nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS by a Ukrainian energy company?

Or the fact that Hunter Biden has admitted on tape that the ‘Russians’, the other nation involved in the media saturated conflict, ‘have his laptop’ which included images of Hunter having ‘crazy f****** sex’ with a prostitute.

Could it be that with an indictment looming, the mainstream media is attempting to save face? Are they attempting to throw Hunter Biden under the bus at the last moment, just before an indictment?

We can only wonder. The timing, however, should not be overlooked.

Let us not forget that one of the most googled phrases before the election were related to changing your vote. After the Hunter Biden story, concealed by the mainstream media, finally got out, millions had already cast their ballots due to expanded ‘pandemic early voting’.

For all that were paying attention, it was rather obvious that Hunter Biden was corrupt. An individual with no experience, nor qualifications does not magically levitate to highly paid positions of power.

Hunter’s corruption, vastly documented, is inexcusable. To anybody willing to look, his corruption has been on display for years.

It hardly is contained to Ukraine, either. I have also reported on the extensive deals made between Hunter Biden and Chinese nationals, adding up to some $31 million total.

The mainstream media, who combed through records of high school drinking with Brett Kavanaugh, or 10 year old secret recordings with Donald Trump, allowed Hunter Biden to get away with whatever he wanted.

The Bidens, and the Democrats, per usual, received their pass. The media did not report on this information until AFTER the election.

I must ask, what would have happened if Donald Trump’s son had ‘lost a laptop to the Russians’? What would have happened to Donald Trump if his son was making shady business deals with foreign nationals with no experience in the industry he was participating in?

The answer is simple. The Democrats would have moved to impeach. They impeached Trump twice for far less.

What of the Biden Administration’s relaxed position on Russia prior to the ‘invasion’ of Ukraine? Biden allowed the Nordstream 2 pipeline to resume construction. This pipeline would allow Russia to funnel oil to all of Europe through Germany.

Biden also withheld military aid from Ukraine earlier this year. We reported it.

Were these failures a direct result of Russia ‘having dirt’ on Hunter Biden? It may be.

One thing is for sure, the establishment has sure flaunted the fact that Hunter Biden is ‘untouchable’ for quite some time. I remember back to the FBI raiding Rudy Giuliani’s home in 2021.

The FBI took every piece of tech that Rudy had… except, a copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive. Even after being urged to take it, the FBI simply left it behind.

A true indication of just who is ‘touchable’, and who is not.

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