Creepy Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates bragged about ‘tapping into his relationship’ with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin in an article published in Bloomberg earlier this week.

Fox New is now reporting that Manchin has received MILLIONS in green energy donations.

The article reveals the influence in which the billionaire Gates has over our political process. It is revealed immediately that Gates was on the phone with Chuck Schumer immediately after the bill was rejected by Manchin. The article reads…

the Senate’s all-important member, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, had slammed the brakes on legislation to combat global warming. Again.

That’s when billionaire philanthropist and clean-energy investor Bill Gates got on the phone with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, whose job it was to hold together the Democrats’ no-vote-to-spare majority.

One of the world’s richest men felt he had to give one of the nation’s most powerful lawmakers a little pep talk. “[Schumer] said to me on one call that he’d shown infinite patience,” Gates recounted in an interview last week, describing for the first time his personal effort to keep climate legislation alive.

“You’re right,” Gates told Schumer. “And all you need to do is show infinite plus one patience.”

The article goes on…

Gates was banking on more than just his trademark optimism about addressing climate change and other seemingly intractable problems that have been his focus since stepping down as Microsoft’s chief executive two decades ago.

As he revealed to Bloomberg Green, he has quietly lobbied Manchin and other senators, starting before President Joe Biden had won the White House, in anticipation of a rare moment in which heavy federal spending might be secured for the clean-energy transition.

With an opportunity to take in billions of taxpayer dollars, Bill Gates was using his power and influence to pressure politicians into passing this bill. He even openly admits it.

Gates reportedly began ‘cultivating’ his relationship with Manchin around 2019 at a dinner. He even goes as far to say that everybody on the energy committee came and had dinner with Gates for a few hours.

Gates started wooing Manchin and other senators who might prove pivotal for clean-energy policy in 2019 over a meal in Washington DC. “My dialogue with Joe has been going on for quite a while,” Gates said. “Almost everyone on the energy committee” — of which Manchin was then the senior-most Democrat — “came over and spent a few hours with me over dinner.”

The article goes on…

“The last month people felt like, OK, we tried, we’re done, it failed,” Gates said. “I believed it was a unique opportunity.” So he tapped into a relationship with Manchin that he’d cultivated for at least three years. “We were able to talk even at a time when he felt people weren’t listening.”

This bill includes a reported $374 billion in ‘new spending’ towards nonsensical renewable energy that is neither efficient nor effective.

The bill also includes new mandates for the energy industry that will undoubtedly further contribute to rising energy prices.

This news comes on top of terrible news that the Biden halt on oil and gas has been reinstated by the courts. Bloomberg reports…

President Joe Biden won temporary permission to once again pause energy leasing on federal lands and waters, after a US appeals court found a trial judge’s order against the moratorium too vague to review.

The court on Wednesday threw out the judge’s nationwide injunction forcing a restart of leasing from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska and ordered the judge to revisit the issue. In the meantime, Biden’s pause stands.

Is it strange to anybody else that a creepy billionaire is pressuring our politicians into passing legislation that they will benefit from financially?

Is this bill really supposed to help the citizens of the United States? At no point have any of the politicians or Gates himself acknowledged that any of this would benefit we the people in any way, shape, or form.

They instead seem to be fixated on the prospect of stealing money from the American people. They wasted no time doing it, as Biden has already signed the bill into law.

Bill Gates should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. We should ban him from our Nation.

Since when did Bill Gates get put in charge of American Government?

The people of West Virginia must send a resounding message to Senator Joe Manchin in 2024. They must show Senator Manchin that our American values are not for sale.

Record inflation coupled with record spending is going to send this country into a depression the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Remember who made it possible. Bill Gates.

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