Poll worker assaults government auditor.
Pollster Robert Jones Jr. caught on camera assaulting auditor.

A government auditor by the name of Annapolis Audit posted a video to his channel, where an election poll worker by the name of Robert Jones Jr. is shown attacking government auditor Terrance Tracy. The incident occurred at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center in Annapolis, Maryland earlier this week.

Annapolis Audit via YouTube

At press time, the government are refusing to file charges against Mr. Jones even though the evidence is quite clear. Terrance was attacked first, because he was recording a public official in a public place.

It appears that Mr. Tracy’s head was pushed into the nearby cement wall, that can be seen on the right side of the video’s thumbnail. When more people come outside to see what the commotion is about, Tracy is thrown to the ground by two people. This incident was recorded with not just one camera, but two!

From the second camera angle, it’s clear that Jones grabs Tracy’s handheld camera and they struggle over it for a few seconds before Tracy is thrown into the wall. This action causes Tracy’s head to be cut open, where blood is clearly visible earlier in the video. The polling volunteers and staff refused to let Tracy inside of the building to get something to stop the bleeding. His mouth was also injured during the course of the assault.

Medical attention was sought and Terrance Tracy spent around three hours at a hospital. This head wound required stitches.

Government auditors typically visit public buildings and make video recordings. Their goal is to hold government agents accountable, educate them on video/audio recording laws and show taxpayers how their dollars are being spent. Virtually all of them are independent journalists, i.e. they are not affiliated with news companies or organizations. Usually, auditors are (illegally) thrown out of buildings. Sometimes, they are (unlawfully) arrested. But occasionally, as in this instance, they are assaulted.


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