Joe Biden stumbled and fell while walking up the steps of Air Force One early today. While it is amusing to watch the wannabe dictator stumble and fall, we have to remember that this man is supposed to be our leading representative.

There is no question that other countries are taking notice of our stumbling, bumbling leader.

North Korea has refused to answer any communications from the Biden administration. President Trump made historic diplomatic gains with North Korea, and even became the first U.S. President to step foot into North Korea. Trump met with Kim Jong Un, and encouraged peace in the region. No stumbling. No falling down. Can you imagine Biden doing something like this? He barely comes out of his basement!

North Korea doesn’t even answer Biden’s calls. They don’t respect him, at all.

Russia pulled their diplomats out of the United States just yesterday after President Biden made inflammatory comment about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden agreed with Stephanopolous, calling Putin a “killer”. Biden also was led into saying that Russia “would pay” for their interference in the 2020 election. The interview made no mention of the other part of the report concerning Iranian influence in the 2020 election.

Putin responded by asking President Biden to participate in a live televised debate. Some are saying that this proposition is in response to Biden’s claim of a tough phone call he had with Putin. Biden described the call as a tough negotiation. I can’t imagine the guy that has a hard time walking up stairs is a very tough negotiator.

In fact, Biden can’t even remember the name of his job recently.

Just yesterday in a press conference, Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris”.

Biden’s administration has been unable to negotiate with the Iranian regime, as reports now state that negotiations are faltering. This comes after the same intelligence report that found Russian Interference also found Iranian influence.

Biden has inconsistencies with foreign policy, to say the least. To have him falling down steps as he tries to board a plane is a national embarrassment. Other countries see that and laugh at us. They disrespect us.

China has stated that war with the U.S is inevitable. This is all while Biden holds negotiation with China in Alaska. China has plans to move in to Taiwan. Are we supposed to believe that Biden will stand up for them?

His administration can talk a big talk, but Biden himself said that he would not discuss China’s slave camps, genocide, or humanitarian crimes because they were “cultural norms”.

Posts from this site have had hundreds of comments in the last few days, all of them being against Joe Biden. There are countless examples of Americans booing Biden, heckling him. As we remember, his campaign rallies were usually small enough to fit in the corner of a parking lot!

Joe Biden and his wife were BOOED at the Super Bowl asking for a “moment of silence for the victims of COVID-19”

My question is, WHO RESPECTS this man? His own administration openly implements policy that disagrees with his promises. His own country boos and heckles him with every opportunity. World leader ignore his calls, and pull their diplomats from our country, all while expanding their territory.

This man is a danger not only to himself, but to all of us. He needs to be removed from office, NOW!



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