Launch Liberty recently learned that an event being planned in Southern Florida on January 10th by the America First Patriots Club was canceled by the event planning platform Eventbrite. Just 6 days before the event, Eventbrite pulled the tickets and sent a notice of removal to the owners of the club.

The January 10th event centered around a film being directed by Chris Burgard called “Capitol Punishment: Everything They Told You Is A Lie”. The film depicts the true events of January 6th, vindicating President Trump and highlighting the coordinated effort devised by infiltrators on that day to “set up” the crowd.

The America First Patriots Club received the note, attached below, from Eventbrite stating that their event had been pulled off of the website for ‘misinformation’ yesterday January 2nd. The note also states that all tickets have been refunded.

After learning this information, I invited the America First Patriots Club owners (along with JEXIT who also helped to organize the event) and Chris Burgard on my podcast. We discuss the film ‘Capitol Punishment’ at length, along with the cancellation. That full video can be seen below.

I began to investigate Eventbrite on my own. I found that Eventbrite has cancelled Conservatives before. Most recently Matt Walsh and a screening for his movie ‘What Is A Woman’.

Why would a company that has never publicly stated an official political stance be so openly political? My investigation made the facts clear.

Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz is now being revealed by Launch Liberty as a prolific Democrat donor.

Eventbrite CEO Julie Hartz and Husband (Board Chairman of Eventbrite) Kevin Hartz

Hartz, who founded the company with her husband Kevin in the early 2000s, donated thousands of dollars to Democrat Mark Kelly in this last election cycle.

The Eventbrite CEO also gave a whopping $14k to Hillary Clinton during her Presidential Campaign in 2016, along with $1k for Kamala Harris’ 2016 Senate Campaign.

Hartz also dropped thousands of dollars into Barack Obama’s second campaign for President in 2012.

Along with donating to some of the most notorious Democrats candidates in America, Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz has also given thousands to large Democrat Committees who fund races across America.

Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz, who is supposed to be serving her company’s best financial interest (especially since Eventbrite is a publicly traded company) is allowing people to be banned from her platform because she disagrees with their political opinion?

Her donations speak for themselves. The people who run Eventbrite are openly political, and are now cancelling those from their platform who disagree with them. Can’t be too good for business.

As for her husband, Kevin Hartz sold an online payment company that he cofounded in 2001 called ‘Xoom’ in 2015 to Paypal for a sum of $1.1 Billion. Though he did not receive all of the money, you can imagine the kind of wealth we are dealing with.

The ‘Capitol Punishment’ event will still go on, even though Eventbrite attempted to stop it. Tickets will be sold at the door January 10th. I will also be appearing to speak about Launch Liberty, and to meet Chris and company in person.

I encourage anybody capable of attending to do so. I also encourage everybody to check out the great film ‘Capitol Punishment’.

Launch Liberty will continue to EXPOSE THE TRUTH!





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