On July 19th, 2022 Michael Anthony Peroutka defeated primary opponent Jim Shalleck in the Republican Primary for Attorney General of Maryland. His victory has sparked a line of misleading and absurd attacks from Governor Larry Hogan on candidate Peroutka.

Almost immediately following his victory, Hogan promoted a story from CNN attacking candidate Peroutka.

To get an understanding of why a Republican Governor in the State of Maryland is attacking the Republican Nominee for Attorney General in the upcoming 2022 Election, we must remember the events that took place during the ‘COVID Pandemic’ of 2020.

Larry Hogan illegally issued orders locking down Maryland businesses, using his Maryland State Police Force to squash any business owner who dared defy his orders.

This was despite the fact that Hogan himself had ordered sick patients into nursing homes, causing a higher percentage of Marylanders to die than even Cuomo in New York.

Hogan also illegally imported thousands of faulty Korean COVID tests, bypassing Federal law. You can read all about Hogan and his dismal handling of the pandemic in this article below.

As a direct result of this lawless, criminal behavior on behalf of Larry Hogan, Michael Anthony Peroutka has vowed to investigate and impanel a grand jury to prosecute Larry Hogan.

i know this because Candidate Peroutka made the proclamation on my podcast back in May. He swore to hold all government officials responsible for shredding our Bill of Rights accountable.

It is no coincidence that Governor Larry Hogan is now taking any opportunity he can to attack Candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka. He wants to avoid accountability for his actions.

How can the Maryland GOP continue to allow their Governor to attack their candidates prior to an upcoming General Election? How can they stay silent as the only chance they have against the Democrats is being undermined by their current ‘leader’?

Michael Anthony Peroutka has vowed to hold Larry Hogan accountable for his criminal violations. That is why he is being attacked. It is also why the people of Maryland need to do everything in their power to get Mr. Peroutka elected.

Check out my FULL interview with Republican Nominee for Attorney General of Maryland Michael Anthony Peroutka below!

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