Linda Lamone is the Administrator of State Elections in Maryland. She was appointed in 1997, and has served in the position since then.

Lamone’s duties as Administrator of State Elections are listed as the following on the website.

The Administrator oversees the State Board functions, supervises the operations of local boards of elections, and receives and audits financial reports of candidates required under the Election Code (Code Election Law Article, secs. 13-401 through 13-404).

Lamone is involved with every local election board in the State of Maryland. She is also in charge of auditing candidates, reviewing their finances for nefarious activities.

Launch Liberty is now reporting that Lamone also serves on the Attorney Grievance Commission in Maryland, an entity tasked with reviewing and deciding on the fate of law licenses.

It should be noted that Lamone was re-appointed to the Attorney Greivance Commission in 2021 when the court was led by Chief Judge Joseph Getty, a controversial Hogan appointee previously covered by Launch Liberty.

In addition to having the power to audit candidates, Lamone also wields the power to revoke the law licenses of any lawyer or judges who challenges election results.

An unbelievable level of power. Unfortunately, Lamone’s influence does not end there.

Maryland was the first State to sign on to the controversial ERIC system, designed to track cross-state voting registrations. Lamone pioneered the spread of ERIC throughout the Nation after being first implemented by Maryland.

Launch Liberty is also revealing that Linda Lamone has served as the Chairman of the National Association of State Election Directors, or the NASED.

Lamone currently serves on several of their boards. She is a ‘Representative to the Board of Advisors of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’ and also a ‘Technical Guidelines Development Committee Representative’.

Linda Lamone also oversees and approves contracts being made for election equipment nationwide. Like the ones we hear about in the news so often. Not just for the State of Maryland, but for the entire United States.

Maryland uses Election System and Software (ES&S) scanners in our elections. Lamone is responsible for approving the contracts for these scanners, which have been maligned throughout the media for many years.

While individuals like Mike Lindell continue to hammer the voting machines, this is the person responsible for the contracts that hired the third party contractors.

Even though criticism of Lamone has been prevalent across the political spectrum, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has failed to take action towards ousting her. Launch Liberty has obtained multiple certified petitions filed during the Hogan Administration addressing the removal of Lamone directly. These petitions were ignored.

Linda Lamone has remained in power, despite the fact that the Governor has the power to appoint a majority on the State Board of Elections who could end her 25 year term.

The bill used to justify the length of Lamone’s extensive career in Maryland elections is often referred to as ‘Lamone For Life‘. This bill is routinely characterized as providing near immunity to Lamone, which is inaccurate.

The bill simply states that Lamone must be voted out of power by a majority of the State Board of Elections, then to have a replacement nominated by the State Board and confirmed by the State Senate.

There is a process to remove her from the position, however, political opportunists who benefit from the power that Lamone wields use the bill as an excuse for why they refuse to address her control over our elections.

We must ask ourselves why this individual was allowed to obtain so much influence over elections, not just in Maryland, but in America.

We also have to ask why EIGHT YEARS of a “Republican” Governorship yielded zero effort to remove Lamone. Could Hogan and the rest of the Maryland Uniparty be aligned with Lamone to rig elections?

It is a question worth asking, especially since Lamone seems to have influence over every aspect of the coming 2022 Election.





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