Maryland Governor Larry Hogan speaks at a coronavirus press conference in Annapolis, Md. on March 12, 2020. (Matt McDonald/The Diamondback)

Part of Larry Hogan becoming Governor of Maryland was starting the corporation ‘Change Maryland, INC’. There are offshoots of this organization, including ‘Change Annapolis’.

This organization has been used to promote political allies of Governor Hogan, usually RINOS who will go along with his radical, tyrannical style of governing.

It was Larry Hogan who killed a higher percentage of Marylanders than Andrew Cuomo did New Yorkers when he sent sick individuals into our nursing homes with COVID.

It was Larry Hogan who locked down our businesses, allowing for large corporations like Walmart to deal a ‘deadly blow’ to a large percentage of Maryland businesses.

Recently Hogan has been promoting himself via the mainstream media in what looks like an attempt for Hogan to gain popularity for the coming 2024 Presidential Race.

He recently appeared on Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the *dishonest* Press’ and talked about how he views himself as a ‘savior’ of the Republican Party.

Hogan prides himself on attacking and dismissing anything resembling actual Conservatism. He instead embraces Democrats like Elijah Cummings and Catherine Pugh, the former Mayor of Baltimore that was run out of town on corruption charges.

He signed Red Flag gun confiscation laws into effect in the State of Maryland.

Individuals around the Governor have also been indicted for fraud. His former Chief of Staff was recently charged in a corruption case. The Baltimore Sun reports…

A former chief of staff to Gov. Larry Hogan is facing an additional federal charge in a two-year-old public corruption case that alleges he collected excessive expenses and arranged for an unprecedented $233,647 severance payment during his time in office.

Hogan also appointed a convicted pedophile, Johnathan Newell as a Judge until Newell ‘committed suicide’ the morning of an FBI raid. Newell was being charged with having illicit images of children.

Hogan tells us that ‘abortion is a losing issue’, which is possibly the greatest indicator as to what Larry Hogan actually is. He is unwilling to stand up for the most vulnerable, the unborn, because he believes it will hurt him politically.

This man has no spine. This man has no backbone. His only concern is FURTHERING HIS OWN POLITICAL INTERESTS!

After looking around his Change Maryland website last evening, I discovered a link to a website promoting a Super PAC called ‘An America United’.

The website is much like Change Maryland. It centers around basic GOP talking points while shamelessly promoting Larry Hogan at every turn.

Then I began to dig into the PAC itself. The Executive Director of the PAC, a man named ‘David Weinman‘, is a former ‘Regional Spokesman’ to the National Governor’s Association. The same National Governor’s Association where Larry Hogan was head man.

Weinman also worked as a ‘Communications Research Analyst’ for the Chris Christie for President campaign in 2015. He also worked for Pat Toomey, who came out against Donald Trump upon leaving Congress.

These people are not even cognizant enough to hide their ties. Hogan appeared on Chris Christie’s radio show in 2020 revealing that the relationship has been developed.

if that wasn’t enough, Chris Christie actually came down to Maryland to CAMPAIGN for Larry Hogan when he was first running for Governor of Maryland.

The following video is from late 2014.

Now a man who worked for Chris Christie is the Executive Director for Larry Hogan’s SUPER PAC? Could there be a coincidence that convenient?

On top of it all there have actually been articles written out of New Jersey talking about the fact that Chris Christie ‘may defy Trump’ and run in 2024 for President.

Who does the article describe as Christie’s friend? None other than Larry Hogan.

If Hogan did not have the backing of global elites, he would be virtually irrelevant. However, we must remember that this is a man who went to the World Economic Forum and declared his allegiance to globalism.

We can NEVER allow this man to become President. The question must be asked… is this ‘An America United’ PAC an early sign that these people are plotting a 2024 run?

I’ll be Paul Revere this time. THE RINOS ARE COMING, THE RINOS ARE COMING!

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