It was a cold day in January when Joe Biden was sworn in to the Office of President of the United States. On January 20th, 2021 Joe Biden took the stage in a militarily occupied Washington D.C. to give his inaugural address.

Military vehicles, along with high fencing, kept every single citizen away. National Guardsmen patrolled the streets, asking questions of anybody near the fence. Not just on this day, but for months after Joe Biden was sworn in.

The crowd was made up of politicians. Not just Democrats, but Republicans as well.

Even though Republicans spent months fundraising to ‘Stop The Steal’ from November until January 6th, the Establishment wing of the party lined up with the swamp to illegally hand the reigns of our Country over to a fraudulent President.

House Republican WHIP even brought along Donna Brazille, who had been caught leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton back in 2016, as his guest!

Prominent Republican & prominent Democrat share inauguration

Masked up, in a militarily occupied capital city, our Republican ‘leaders’ applauded as our Country was ripped from our hands, and our sacred right to vote was desecrated.

Just days before, millions of Americans had descended on Washington D.C. for what will forever be remembered as ‘Patriot Day’. In one of the largest political rallies in our nation’s history, Americans were determined to fight for their President.

Fuel prices on January 20th 2021 average $2.37 per gallon. After a year of lockdowns over a disease with a survival rate north of 99% percent, most Americans were absolutely sick of having their freedoms taken away.

The right to assemble, the right to bear arms, the right to privacy, and the final straw… The right to vote, along with the ability to trust the results.

Immediately upon arrival, members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene began to call for the impeachment of Biden based of the illegitimacy of his election. She, along with her allies, were dismissed by folks like Mitch McConnell almost immediately.

Biden WILL serve out his first term, assured McConnell.

Of course we all remember how quickly these people jumped to impeach our President, Donald Trump, over a phone call with Ukraine.

They harassed our President with phony investigations which yielded no evidence of any wrongdoing on behalf of Trump. They then attempted to destroy people nominated to the Supreme Court by Trump with allegations and lies that had no basis in reality.

Worst of all, the political opponents of the America First movement weaponized American Intelligence Agencies against the President, wiretapping his campaign and spying on his Administration.

In an attempt to oust the greatest threat to establishment rule in over a century, the system did everything in its power to remove Donald Trump from the White House.

Unfortunately, they succeeded.

So with another Election just around the corner, let us not forget the circumstances that have led us to this moment. It is not a consequence of a Russian invasion of Ukraine that your gas is over $7 a gallon.

It is not the work of ‘white supremacy’ when you go into a grocery store and cannot find formula for your baby. It is not Vladimir Putin’s fault that your eggs and milk cost $5 more than they used to.

That was the work of our own government. As we remember them, smiling in an occupied capital city, smiling and waving to nobody while they anointed themselves rulers of our land.

Now we can pray for the return of Donald Trump, but unfortunately, he was already there.

When he walked out of the White House, even though the 2020 Election was completely rigged and stolen, we lost the prospect of fixing our system with a politician.

Watching Trump board that aircraft on the White House lawn was the same as watching the civility of American culture depart for one last time.

Trump’s willingness to ‘play by the rules’, even though the Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden were not, solidified the state we are in.

Luckily, the Make America Great Again movement is not about one man. It is not about a single politician, no matter the office they hold. Trump made this abundantly clear in his Inauguration speech, in my opinion, the greatest Inauguration speech of all time.

If they can steal a Presidential Election, they can steal any election they want. The power of this movement does not come from political offices that it holds, but the spirit that remains within the people that lead.

Not people who lead in politics. People who lead their son’s baseball team, their office, or their restaurant. We need individuals to start taking real action. Doing things like attending P.T.A. meetings, and reviewing material being taught to your children in school.

I cover it often. The political situation in this Country is a bad joke. The votes are fake, rigged, and manipulated to reflect the will of the OWNERS of this country.

Lawyers, Judges, and businessmen carve their way through the swamp of government like a slithering snake through mud. I would say our system is broken, but we are beyond broken.

The systems which built this country into the greatest nation in the world have been systematically replaced with Social Justice Warrior garbage.

This takeover was not done in a single election, or even many elections. It was committed through social influences. It was washed downstream from our culture, now deteriorating politics to a point of embarrassment.

Only we can change it. By adhering to our Constitution. By grabbing ahold of values that our ancestors harnessed to create the wealthiest, most free nation on Earth.

We must return to greatness, and greatness will never be achieved through a politician.

Greatness will be achieved when we collectively, as a Nation, begin to identify the problems in our culture. We need to isolate them, extract them, and destroy them.

Though it may seem like a game not worth playing, politics represent an opportunity for us Americans to grab control of our system where possible.

By remaining strong examples of what we believe a great American would do, say, and be, we can change the tide of American culture, and politics for good.

When the 2022 Election arrives , you must never forget how we got here. Remember that Steve Scalise brought Donna Brazille to the Biden Inauguration.

Remember that they locked down our businesses and destroyed our economy. Remember that the only way we can fix this is by changing ourselves, and by electing people to offices(where possible) that are REAL HUMAN BEINGS.

Not representatives of a party, or a group, but of AMERICA.

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