Nicolee Ambrose is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in District 2 of Maryland. This site has chronicled the illegality of her campaign, as Nicolee also holds the position of Comitteewoman to the RNC. It is illegal, per the Maryland Republican Party bylaws, for party officials to also run for office.

Unfortunately, Nicolee secured her nomination on July 19th as the Republican Nominee in District 2. She was boosted by an equally illegal endorsement by David Bossie, Ambrose’s counterpart and Committeeman to the RNC.

Ambrose continued to violate party law as she stood with Kelly Schulz outside of the Maryland State House with MDGOP Chair Dirk Haire and RINO Governor Larry Hogan.

After reviewing the profile of Ambrose, this site has even more questions. Her profile includes many questionable donations.

Firstly, she received a total of $5000 from her friend David Bossie’s PAC ‘Citizens United‘. The donation itself is questionable, a party official giving his friend a donation in a contested primary that she isn’t legally allowed to participate in?

The most questionable part of the donation is that a group called ‘End Citizens United‘, solely created to oppose Dave Bossie’s organization, also donated $5000 to Ambrose.

Even stranger, the donations occurred on the exact same day. April 25th, 2022.

The party officials, steeped in violations of the law, are not even capable of being loyal to themselves.

Next we see donations from anti-Trump member of the Lincoln Project Michael Steele, who donated $1000 to Ambrose twice, both to be used for the Primary Election.

If it weren’t enough to have David Bossie illegally endorsing her, or continuing to illegally run her campaign whilst serving as Committeewoman to the RNC, Ambrose had to take in thousands of dollars from MDGOP Dirk Haire.

The stated donation limit for each race per Federal Law is $2900, meaning that candidates may legally receive $2900 for the general election and primary election. Total being $5800.

The records on show that MDGOP Chair Dirk Haire donated $2900 to Ambrose for the primary THREE separate times, which would EXCEED the legal limit for the primary election by $5800.

Dirk Haire’s wife, Jessica Haire, the Republican nominee for Anne Arundel County Executive also donated to Ambrose later on during the campaign, just weeks before the 7/19 primary.

Both of these donations are currently marked for the primary, meaning that the federal limit would have been exceeded by $2900 by Jessica Haire.

Other donors include famous anti-Trumper Morton Blackwell who runs the Leadership Institute. Blackwell ALSO appears to have donated more than the legal limit, also by $5800

There is no question that between Michael Steele of the Lincoln Project and Morton Blackwell, the forces aligned behind Nicolee Ambrose are certainly against the America First movement.

We must ask ourselves if as Republicans people like this belong in our party. More importantly, why is our Republican Leadership so incredibly comfortable with breaking the law?

Even beyond these donations, recorded on a government website, the lawlessness of Nicolee’s candidacy and lack of any kind of punishment she has received because of it tells us everything we need to know about the MDGOP.

They seem to be just fine with corruption. We the voters, must be the ultimate deciders. Are we content with people who take money from Lincoln Project members? People who take money from contradicting special interest groups? Candidates whose campaigns are created in illegality?

What do YOU think? Is this acceptable?

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  1. My God….. these people can’t even recognize they’re talking about themselves when they claim THEY’RE NOT ESTABLISHMENT.
    THEY ARE the Establishment ‼️
    THATS A CLEAR EXAMPLE OF A DISCONNECT….and failure to HEAR the voters.
    (And you may quote me)!


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