BY: Marc King

It is June 6, 2021 — It has been 77 years since the Allied Forces under the command of General Dwight David Eisenhower stormed the beaches with the mission to defeat the Nazis and restore the national integrity of the European Nations.

Eisenhower’s task, as given to him by the President of the US and the Prime Minister of Great Britain that day, was about as straight forward as it gets:

“Task. You will enter the continent of Europe and, in conjunction with the other United Nations, undertake operations aimed at the heart of Germany and the destruction of her armed forces. The date for entering the Continent is the month of May 1944. After adequate channel ports have been secured, exploitation will be directed towards securing an area that will facilitate both ground and air operations against the enemy.”

The mission was carried out on June 6th, and we are all familiar with tales of heroism that day … those who came ashore on Omaha and Utah Beaches, Gold, Sword and Juno. We know about the story of the “Boys of Pointe du Hoc” — those Army Rangers who scaled the sheer cliff walls in the face of withering fire. And we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation and the world and who shall forever remain in our hearts as they lay peacefully in soil they helped recapture.

But, what of America today?

If called upon by our NATO Allies, as we were 77 years ago, to stop a belligerent like let’s say Vladimir Putin, would we have the national will to “storm the beaches” in a literal sense yet again?

I have my doubts — and I am not talking about those who volunteer for the Armed Services today … We know what they stand for and their call to duty is not in doubt. But, the AllVolunteer Force of today represents less then 1% of the total number of men and women eligible or qualified to serve.

I am speaking of those “Millennials” who have been raised on a constant diet of weak pablum — no sense of history, no attachment to the country, and content to let others tell them what to think and what to do. Their lives exist in their phones.

Socialism is OK with them, and they truly believe that America is the bad guy in this world … they believe that because that is what they have been fed — D-Day? I suspect that most, if not all, of them have no clue who these men were and why they stormed the beaches that “Longest Day”!

They have signed up for National Conscription — The Draft — but, would they come if called? After all, many of their fathers and grandfathers chose not to during the Vietnam War — the precedence has been set. The Nation and its leaders should be very concerned.

We have become soft as a nation — we reject the idea of masculinity as it is fostered in our national identity. We have dumbed down anything and everything that outwardly reflects the idea that we are strong and proud and will stand for the rights and liberties of Americans and those who depend on us for their rights and liberties. We are swiftly coming to those crossroads — the one where we choose how we are to go forward as a Nation.

D-Day is a stark reminder of where we have been and that there will always be evil in this world that will need to be confronted. This is what we need to know … we need to know that, as a nation, we will be willing and able to do it all again … I, for one, am not confident of the outcome.




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