Our latest exclusive here at Launch Liberty focused on the Donald Trump 2024 campaign treasurer Bradley T. Crate. In our last update, we revealed that Crate was the CFO of the Romney/Ryan 2012 Presidential campaign.

Crate runs a company called ‘Red Curve Solutions’. They describe themselves as following….

“Red Curve Solutions® offers comprehensive treasury, budgeting, and FEC compliance services for political campaigns, party organizations, and PACs. By partnering with Red Curve Solutions®, you show your donors, party officials and the media that you’re serious about keeping your campaign out of the red.”


Since Trump departed the White House in 2021 he has been doing an extremely large amount of business with Bradley Crate’s ‘Red Curve Solutions’. Launch Liberty is now revealing that Political Action Committees, or PACs, associated with former President Donald Trump have paid ‘Red Curve Solution’ an astounding $10,042,738 since 2021.

One PAC in particular, called ‘Trump Victory’, paid an astounding 69% of their total disbursements between 2021-2022 to Red Curve Solutions. From the ‘Trump Victory’ PAC alone, Crate was paid an astounding $1,103,194. The PAC only disbursed a total of $1.6 Million over that period of time.

See those payments made from ‘Trump Victory’ to Red Curve Solutions below…

Federal Campaign Finance data shows that Crate is in fact the treasurer of the ‘Trump Victory’ PAC.

Crate also serves as the Treasurer to a PAC called the ‘Trump Make America Great Again Committee’. This committee paid ‘Red Curve Solutions’ $3,164,927 between 2021 and 2022, nearly 4% of their total disbursements.

If Crate had gone through a change of heart, and decided to support Trump after working at the highest levels of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan campaign on 2012, this would be a completely different story…

However, Launch Liberty is revealing today that Bradley Crate and Red Curve Solutions maintain business ties to Mitt Romney to this very day. The latest Campaign Finance data shows that Red Curve did nearly $80k worth of work for Romney’s campaign from 2021-2022…. The same time he was running Trump’s PACs and receiving massive payments.

See evidence of these dealings below.

Not only do Crate and Red Curve maintain business with Romney, but they also do business with some of the most infamous anti-Trump Republicans in America.

Red Curve worked with failed Senate candidate and former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. See evidence of those dealings below. They total over $94k between 2021 and 2022.

Not only did Bradley Crate serve as the CFO of the Romney 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns… He maintains those ties to this very day.

Why would Donald Trump put this man in charge of his campaign money? Is Crate using the former President to ‘cash out’? Could he be an infiltrator of the highest order?

The facts shown in this article make it clear… Crate is still very much involved with the worst elements of the Republican Party. The fact that he remains in charge of Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign finances may spell disaster for Trump’s re-election efforts.

How can we justify 69% of a PAC’s total disbursements going to ‘accounting’? Is this a ‘Trump Victory’ PAC, or a ‘Bradley Crate Victory’ PAC? Is Crate managing this PAC or is he funneling money from Trump campaign donors to his own company?

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth!



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