Federal Whistleblower Dr. Jon McGreevey, also referred to in the mainstream media as “Ryan Dark White”, was arrested last week in the State of Maryland over what Harford County Sheriff’s Office is calling a fake police report.

This was the same incident discussed in Jon Mcgreevey’s first appearance on my show. Jon appeared with Republican Nominee for Baltimore County Sheriff Andy Kuhl to discuss what was happening in the store.

The Harford County Sheriff Office put out a statement claiming that McGreevey ‘falsely’ claimed that a 10-12 year old girl was forced to participate in sexual activities in an adult bookstore in Hartford County.

The full statement can be found here.

The store is called ‘The Mistress’. It sits on the 3000 block of Pulaski Highway.

Nominee for Baltimore County Sheriff Andy Kuhl organized a protest outside of ‘the Mistress’ on July 2nd of this year in order to bring awareness to the statements of Jon McGreevey.

A clip from that protest can be seen below.

Many believe that this protest is directly related to the arrest of Jon McGreevey. Why did it take until people showed up at this place for the police to take it to the level of an arrest?

With the Republican Primary for Maryland Senate happening just four days after the arrest of McGreevey, the agenda seems clear.

Despite the fact that he was arrested, Jon still managed to receive over 13k votes in the Maryland Senate primary. We have to ask ourselves, did this arrest play a factor in his loss?

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office had this to say about the arrest…

“It is shameful that a candidate for public office would make up such a story and use it to further his own political agenda” said Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler. “It is even more appalling, that another individual, who is running for a law enforcement position, would embrace such an obviously false narrative in an effort to gain political traction – nothing more. I am beyond grateful this young girl is safe, but extremely disappointed someone would attempt to discredit and disparage the work of the dedicated men and women of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and Child Advocacy Center. Fearmongering and antagonism caused wasted time and energy by our personnel, whose time would have been better served protecting the citizens of Harford County, instead of investigating lies.”

Jon McGreevey released an audio statement after the arrest to comment on the situation. In his statement, McGreevey points out that the police did recover the footage of the young girl in the studio and decided to do nothing about it.

McGreevey goes on to point out multiple lies within the police statement.

Jon McGreevey appeared on my own show as recently as last month to discuss his candidacy and reveal bombshell truths about January 6th and Mike Pence.

His arrest has received national attention, but few outlets are airing both sides to the story. On this website, we give Jon the opportunity to respond to bogus claims and hoaxes perpetrated onto him by the mainstream media.

McGreevey has since been released from jail, and is awaiting council from his attorney’s for further statements to be made in the future. I have remained in contact with Jon, and he is in good spirits.

There is always a price for telling the truth. Nobody understands that better than Jon, who has admittedly been tortured many times in his life over his lack of fear when it comes to telling the truth.

If a minor was brought into a porn store, the individual with that child should have the child taken away from them. Of course, Harford County paid no mind to this at all. They simply used the opportunity to take a political swipe at Jon McGreevey and Andy Kuhl.

The most ironic part is that they accused Andy and Jon of the exact thing that they were doing, dismissing the police report as a ‘political stunt’.

You, Sheriff Gahlor, pulled the political stunt.

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