Flashback: Harris ENDORSED BLM Riots in August of 2020

While the Joe Biden administration focuses on the chaotic protest at the Capitol on January 6th, many of us are asking why the left had nothing to say all through 2020 as Black Lives Matter protests ravaged the Country.

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that the protests surrounding George Floyd’s death ranged somewhere between $1 billion and $2 billion. For comparison, Hurricane Isaias estimates were somewhere between $3 billion and $5 billion.

Attempting to establish rule of law is one issue, but politically motivated witch hunts are another. The Establishment sat back and watched as over $1 billion in damage ravaged the country.

What did they do when “chaos” was at THEIR door? They used taxpayer funded police to stop it.

If only the same privileges were afforded to business owners all across the country.


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