A confidential source has informed Launch Liberty that former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his Senior Advisor Ron Gunzburger, who also served as Hogan’s COVID Director, are currently under investigation for child sex trafficking.

Gunzburger is a known homosexual who was Hogan’s COVID Director from 2020 until Hogan left office in 2023. Gunzburger served as Hogan’s Senior Advisor from 2015-2023. Hogan and Gunzburger have a long, storied history together, as Gunzburger served as Hogan’s campaign manager during his 1992 campaign for Congress. Gunzburger served Hogan as Governor until Hogan left office in 2023.

Hogan and Gunzburger’s connections to pedophilia started out very quickly. In 1992, Kevin Lee Hall, a Hogan aide, was arrested after kidnapping a male child and forcing the child to have sex with him. A report on that incident from 1992 including Gunzburger states…

An aide and longtime friend to Maryland congressional candidate Larry Hogan Jr. has resigned from Mr. Hogan’s campaign after being charged with kidnapping a Baltimore teen-ager and forcing him to have sex.

Kevin Lee Hall, a Prince George’s County Republican leader, voluntarily left his position as one of the campaign’s field directors, campaign manager Ron Gunzburger said yesterday.

Mr. Gunzburger said the campaign was “stunned” by Mr. Hall’s arrest. Mr. Hall has been living in the candidate’s eight-bedroom home in Upper Marlboro since early summer, when Mr. Hall’s contracting business went bankrupt, Mr. Gunzburger said.

This latest shocking revelation from our confidential source coincides with investigations that have surrounded Hogan associates for some time. Hogan-appointed Judge Johnathan Newell, who served on the Second Judicial Court in Maryland, was under federal investigation for taking illicit pictures of children back in 2021. The FBI raided Newell’s home on September 9th, 2021 at 6:43am, finding Newell dead from a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound.

The Baltimore Sun reported at the time about Newell…

A boy that Newell took on a hunting trip on Hoopers Island discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom on July 23, and his parents reported it to police, which The Sun reported last week. When confronted by investigators, Newell is believed to have chewed up and swallowed a camera memory card, authorities said in a criminal complaint unsealed Friday.

The FBI was minutes away from arresting a Hogan-appointed Judge for taking illicit images of children, only to find him dead upon their execution of an arrest warrant.

Former Hogan Chief of Staff Roy McGrath was recently on the FBI’s most wanted list before a three-week manhunt led law enforcement officials to discover McGrath in Tennessee. Like Judge Newell, The Washington Post reports that McGrath shot himself during an exchange with police. He was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. The FBI had even been offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to McGrath’s arrest. Yet another Hogan official heavily on the radar of the FBI.

A report released by the Baltimore Sun just yesterday reveals that Hogan knew about Roy McGrath’s illegitimate six-figure severance payment weeks before the information was made public. The FBI has been hovering around Larry Hogan for some time now, arresting people close to himself and close ally Ron Gunzburger.

As stated at the beginning of the article, Ron Gunzburger served as the Hogan COVID Director from 2020-2023. He would have been responsible for sending sick patients into nursing homes, causing a higher percentage of Marylanders to die in nursing homes than even New Yorkers under Andrew Cuomo. Read a Launch Liberty piece about Hogan and Gunzburger’s handling of COVID-19 below…

Gunzburger also has a strange connection to the Broward County Sheriff’s office, the same office whose lack of response during the Parkland school shooting in 2018 led to 17 children being murdered at Stonemann Douglass High School. Gunzburger lists his work with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department on his public LinkedIn page. See evidence of that below…

Gunzburger, as Hogan’s Senior Advisor, was instrumental in bringing “Red Flag Laws” to Maryland. These laws allow for law enforcement to confiscate firearms from Marylanders without due process. This Second Amendment infringement was signed into law on October 1st, 2018 by Larry Hogan… Just months after the Parkland shooting.

Gunzburger currently works with an NPR outlet called ‘StoryCorps’, overseeing the production of Barack Obama fluff pieces and “storytime” media targeted towards children. With current work connection to children, the information by our source is all the more concerning.

Our sources tell us that Gunzburger and Hogan are now currently under investigation for child sex trafficking. With a history of associating with individuals that find themselves under the investigation of the FBI, and dead after an encounter with police, it is no surprise that this has come up.


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