Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis took the stand today in Georgia to answer questions about her relationship with the prosecuting attorney in the Trump RICO case, Nathan Wade. Wade reportedly had a sexual relationship with Willis, taking her on lavish vacations and dinners with taxpayer money he received from Willis’ appointment.

Additionally, Wade had no prior experience that would indicate he was a top candidate for the position of prosecuting Trump, leading attorneys in Georgia to speculate whether or not Willis only appointed Wade because of their relationship. Willis was forced to take the stand today, making a complete fool of herself, and even verbally combatting the Judge, and defendant’s attorney in the case.

Nathan Wade, Willis’ alleged boyfriend, stormed out of the court during the proceedings. See video of Wade leaving the courtroom below…

When Willis eventually made her way to the stand, the entire courtroom devolved into a shouting match. Willis spoke improperly, sounding more like a rapper than an attorney, throwing her hands up into the air and screaming into her microphone. It really was a full meltdown. See a video of that below…

How can this woman be in charge of anything? During her time on the stand, Willis also made several questionable remarks to the lawyer asking her questions, at one point telling her that what she was asking was ‘cute.’ Is this the conduct of somebody that is in charge of enforcing the law?

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