Health Expert Matthew McBride first appeared on the Troy Smith Show back in July of 2021. His first appearance centered around the ‘Delta’ wave of COVID. McBride showed data that indisputably displayed that Delta was actually the flu.

He wrote an article coinciding with his appearance that can be read at the link below…

McBride has made four separate appearances on my show detailing the errors in public health data present during the COVID-19 pandemic. His appearances on our Rumble channel have racked up over 136k total views.


His expertise and bravery to speak up at a time that his country needed him undoubtedly saved the lives of thousands of people who would have fallen for the lies, burying themselves in fear and dangerous COVID vaccines. McBride’s findings highlight a deception from the beginning, all built on false health data.

Because he had the courage to speak out, McBride was recently fired from his job. His employer placed him under an “ethics investigation” some months ago, claiming that he had been “offensive to women”. Worst of all, they even accused McBride of being a “bad parent” to his autistic child.

McBride writes on his GiveSendGo posting

Beginning in 2020, I began speaking out against what I knew to be lies intended to terrify innocent people into submission.  I spoke at many protests, wrote dozens of articles, and appeared on podcasts to use the actual pandemic science to show everything was over and we could return to our lives without fear.  I stressed that we were being lied to and nobody needed a vaccine. I told people there was nothing to be afraid of.

I made a lot of enemies.  I was “fact checked” by the Associated Press, Reuters, PolitiFact, Agence France-Presse, and Lead Stories.  Oxford University, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, University of Minnesota, UT Austin, and UC Irvine would claim I did not know what I was talking about.  One gene therapy treatment company had an employee follow me around the internet for over a year to harass me.  The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ, which is funded and/or governed by Facebook, Google, the BBC, Oxford, Harvard, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Conde Nast, Le Monde, The New York Times, and Reuters) wanted to “talk to me about my post showing herd immunity was achieved in May 2020.”  I kept my employer’s name a secret because multiple people told me they needed to “verify my pandemic experience with my employer.”  

In October 2022, after almost three years, these enemies finally found out where I worked. My employer put me under an “ethics investigation” where they showed me several of my posts calling out the lies.  On one post, they claimed I was being “offensive to women.”

Then, as if to gain some sick moral high ground over me, they also took the opportunity to say I was being fired because I was not a good parent to my autistic child.

It is because of Matt McBride that thousands of readers at Launch Liberty know the absolute truth about the COVID scam. He added a much needed expertise to the truth that we all understood. He proved that health officials across the Nation were lying through their teeth.

Having fallen on hard times, supporting two children and a wife, McBride needs your help. He has started a GiveSendGo in order to raise funds to support his family during this difficult time.


In one of America’s darkest hours, Matt McBride told the truth. He did so despite inherent risk in order to benefit the American people. I ask that you support him, and assist him during these times.


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