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Supreme Court Moves To Ban Death Penalty Instead of Investigating Elections

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden escort Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the East Room of the White House where the President will introduce her as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice David, May 26, 2009. Vice President Joe Biden looks on at left. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) This official White House photograph is being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way or used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has introduced her dissent to the U.S. vs Dustin Higgins case in an attempt to outlaw the death penalty. She cites that the Government has executed over twelve people in the last six months, more than it had executed in the prior six decades.

Of course, Sotomayor only considers death by government an issue when it comes to the death penalty, as she made no attempt to stop her appointer, President Obama, from drone striking and killing more citizens in the Middle East than any President in modern history. In the dissent, Sotomayor cites the names of the twelve who were executed. I thought it would be great to research their crimes, and why they were given the death penalty. Sotomayor believes that they are worth defending, after all.

Keep in mind that Sotomayor introduced dissent to THIS, and not for any businiess shut down during Coronavirus. She did not dissent to mask orders, open borders, third term abortion, post birth abortion, confiscatory tax rates, unending wars, or the warrant-less spying committed by Government.

She decided that her dissent was not needed for us, we the people, but for the following individuals.

Daniel Lewis Lee was put to death on June 14, 2020.

FILE – In this Oct. 31 1997, file photo Danny Lee waits for his arraignment hearing for the 1996 murders of an Arkansas family in Russellville, Ark. A federal judge in Little Rock has again denied Lee’s new trial request for a 1999 federal murder conviction and death sentence in Arkansas. (Dan Pierce /The Courier via AP, File)

Lewis was convicted and charged for kidnapping, torturing, and killing three people. A mother, her daughter, and the daughter’s husband. After killing them, Lee dumped their mangled bodies into a nearby lake. Lee sat on death row for over 20 years.

Wesley Purkey was put to death in July of 2020.

This May 2000 photo provided by the Kansas Department of Corrections shows Wesley Ira Purkey, who was convicted of kidnapping and killing a 16-year-old girl, and was sentenced to death. Purkey???s execution is scheduled to occur on July 15, 2020, in Terre Haute, Ind. (Kansas Department of Corrections via AP)

Purkey was convicted and charged with the interstate kidnapping and murder of a 16 year old girl, Jennifer Long. After killing her, Purkey dismembered, burned, and dumped the teen’s remains into a nearby septic pond.

Dustin Lee Honken was executed in July of 2020.

Dustin Lee Honken

Honken was sentenced to death in 2005 after slaying 5 people, including two children under 10 years old. He was also revealed to be a “methamphetamine kingpin” who killed multiple FBI informants.

Lezmond Mitchell was also executed last year.

Lezmond Mitchell

He was sentenced to death in 2001 for murdering a grandmother, along with her 9 year old granddaughter.

Keith Nelson was sentenced to death in 1999 for raping, strangling, and dumping the body of a 10 year old girl, Pamela Nelson in Kansas City, Kansas.

Keith Nelson

He was subsequently put to death this past year.

William Lecroy Jr. was sentenced to death for raping, then stabbing a woman to death. He claimed that “witchcraft” made him do it.

William Lecroy and the woman he killed.

Christopher Vialva was sentenced to death in 1999 after killing two youth ministers in Texas. He killed them by burning them alive in the trunk of his car. He was executed in September of 2020.

Christopher Vialva

Orlando Hall kidnapped, raped, burned, then buried a 16 year old Texas girl in 1994. He was executed in November of 2020.

Orlando Hall

Alfred Bourgeois was put to death in Decmeber of 2020. He was convicted of torturing, then killing his 2 year old daughter. He killed her by repeatedly slamming her head into the dashboard/windshield of his truck.

Alfred Bourgeois

Lisa Montgomery was put to death in January of 2021, just 5 days ago, for brutally murdering a pregnant woman, then cutting out and removing her baby. The baby amazingly survived after Lisa Montgomery then kidnapped the child.

Lisa Montgomery

Corey Johnson was executed in January of 2021 for murdering 7 people.

Corey Johnson

While researching this, I cringed multiple time. The barbaric crimes of these individuals were appalling to review, and I thank President Trump and his administration for removing their souls from our world.

Regardless of whether you think that the death penalty is right or wrong, it is amazing to think that the Supreme Court would be debating the fate of some of the most egregious criminals in our society in such dire times.

There is no debating that these people are absolute scum, every single one of them. They did things unimaginable to innocent people. Their fate is irrelevant.

While businesses close, masks are strapped on, martial law is implemented and the world economy is crashing down, our most “treasured” institutions are debating the fate of literal scum. In an election time where the Supreme Court refused to review voting procedures, they have somehow found time and courage to fight for CRIMINALS! Not for your vote, your country, or your freedoms. The rights of CRIMINALS come first!

If this isn’t a perfect testament to the disconnect and ridiculousness of the elite, I don’t know what could be. Remember this absurdity the next time that a Statist tries to tell you that Government cares about you. They don’t!

WATCH: 11,000 Migrants Charge Police in Guatemala,Caravan en route to U.S. Border

After Coronavirus restrictions have hammered the South American economy, thousands of migrants are now descending upon the U.S. Border seeking “asylum”, a term used to describe refugees fleeing harsh conditions in their lives. These “refugees” are barreling through several different international borders, therefore disqualifying themselves as “asylum seekers”.

Joe Biden released a statement saying “Don’t come, you won’t get in immediately” to the caravan.

The incoming administration has promised to end the “strict policies of the Trump administration” at the border. Many Americans fear that this will mean the reinstatement of “catch and release”. This was an immigration tactic used by the Obama administration where illegal aliens would be released into the Country and be provided a court date for their trial. Many of them never showing up.

President Trump took action to end this practice with a program designed to house migrants in Mexico, called the MPP. The program was very successful, preventing many from avoiding trials while living in the United States, but the incoming administration has promised to end the program.


The incoming administration has refused to comment on whether this migrant caravan will be allowed into the United States, but their opposition to the reinstatement of law and order at the border makes it clear. They will allow our Country to be invaded.

COVID-19: A Global Scam

When we first heard of Coronavirus, many of us thought it was a joke. It sounded like the beer brand. It was far away. The World Health Organization claims that China first reported a small cluster of the pneumonia-like illness on December 31st, 2019. However, The South China Morning Post reported that China had knowledge of the virus weeks before it reported to the World Health Organization. The report claims that China had prior knowledge of the virus, but allowed it to spread before reporting it to the world. Think of the time. The heaviest travel time of the year. They let basically every major holiday pass before they even admitted they knew about it.

Any person who reads these direct contradictions should be alarmed. Whether you believe the Coronavirus is actually a plague (which it isn’t, just look at the homeless. They seem to be doing fine with only 23 of 200,000 dying of Covid in 2020) you have to admit that the idea of China holding back information about an unknown pneumonia-like illness is pretty sinister.

On January 14th, 2021, China claims to have only 55 cases of live Coronavirus.

This picture was taken at a concert in Wuhan, China, the supposed scene of the creation of the virus on New Years Day, 2021. Look at the crowd. Do you see masks? Do you see fear? Social distancing? No. They don’t seem concerned about the virus, at all. Yet they expect us to believe that this Country has only 55 cases?

Something isn’t right here. It seems that either the virus isn’t real, or China is lying with the help of the World Health Organization.

China and WHO weren’t the only perpetrator of lies.

When the virus first got here, the media told us “Have no fear, Dr. Anthony Fauci is here.” They paraded him on magazine covers.

They fawned over him.


This is Anthony Fauci. He has been involved with medicine since AIDS was a global problem. The reason you were told to believe in him was he was the current head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. While he has been with the National Institute of Health for decades, he also has a history of working with Bill Gates. Gates, who is now the top funder of the World Health Organization.

The same World Health Organization that failed to hold China accountable for knowingly spreading the Coronavirus. The connection wouldn’t seem to be that troubling, until we dig a little deeper.


In 2010 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation publishes the following. “The collaboration follows the January 2010 call by Bill and Melinda Gates for the next ten years to be the Decade of Vaccines”. The article goes on to tell us who is involved in this strange project, including NIAID Director Anthony Fauci.

Now isn’t it peculiar that the guy who is serving the stated goal of “creating a decade of vaccines” is now telling us that vaccines should be mandatory.

Because of the fear created by Dr. Fauci, a man serving the stated goal of spreading vaccines, millions of people have been forced to comply with new “health” standards. Masks and tests have become the norm. In many states, Governors threaten to shut down anybody who goes against the guidelines. Fearful business owners, desperate to stay open, clamp down on their customers in desperation, only chasing them further away.

These mandates were attempted worldwide. One Government who has been against all of the Covid restrictions is the Tanzanian Government. When the President (John Magufuli) received a large number of Coronavirus test kits, he applied them to multiple non-human subjects. He sent back samples from a Papaya (the fruit), and an actual Goat.

Both tests came back positive.

After seeing this for himself, the President declined the “help” of the WHO, and went on to say that he believed the spike in cases was directly linked to the false positive rate of the tests.

People in the United States did not even try to see if the tests were fake. We just believed them. Just like the masks.

Masks spread germs. They increase the amount of times you touch your face. They are mostly reused and dirty. Medical professionals wear the N95 mask, which has been actually proven effective. All other cloth masks, paper masks, or plastic masks are not even physically capable of stopping the coronavirus. It’s a mind game.

China can party in the streets, without masks or distancing. China can claim 55 cases. China can steal our election, and we have to take it. The masks are a sign of ignorance. A lack of understanding, an obediance to the Chinese sponsored lies on television, and a direct violation of our Constitutional liberties. The fourth amendment protects us in our persons. An extension of this, HIPAA, is a law stating that all medical information is private. Vaccine ID cards are a DIRECT violation of these protections.

The Founding Fathers told us that a nation unaware of its freedoms would surely perish, and they were surely correct. What we are seeing right now is a take down. A destruction of our liberties, and people who seek to gain from it rely on ignorance to win their power.

You are protected from Tyranny, you just have to realize it.

Parler BANNED by Amazon Hosting, Google Play Store After Trump Joins!

When Conservatives began being censored on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many of them flocked to alternative platforms. These include Parler, Gab, Rumble, and a number of other safe havens for free speech. In each of these company’s branding, they advertise themselves as free speech platforms.

Though the platforms were not perfect, they were effective. Over 4 million people are actively using Parler. Traffic on Gab.com has reportedly soared 753%. In many ways, these companies embodied the American dream. A small startup now trending at #1 on the App store? An American startup, at that? What a story, right? Wrong.

Not in tech. Not today. The current monopolies that sit atop the technology landscape, specifically Google and Amazon simply would not allow it.

Amazon suspended Parler from its web hosting services late Saturday night. Just earlier that day Google also pulled Parler from their app store. Apple has also threatened pulling the app from its store.

The move comes just days after Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat moved to ban the sitting President of the United States. President Trump had reportedly joined Parler just hours before the announcements were made concerning the ban. Big Tech is making it clear, they do not want the President, or Conservatives to have any means of communication.

Unfortunately for them, there are many ways around this. Parler is a successful, active platform, and they will most likely be able to find means to host their services. Though the site may go down for a while, it will prevail. Gab.com was prepared for such an event, as they have their own servers. Conservatives are currently flocking there.

I have experienced this censorship myself, as I am sure many of you have as well. Before Trump was elected, I started a political Twitter account. I joined a flourishing community of Trump supporters who used the platform to communicate ideas, build bonds, and help the movement grow. My account ended up with over 5,000 followers around 2017, until the shadow banning started. Shadow banning is a technique used by Twitter to censor a user in a discrete manner. It limits the exposure of your post, even to your own followers. Suddenly, my tweets that were getting viewed by 10’s of 1000’s were being seen by 15 people, maybe 50 if I was lucky.

I decided to leave Twitter for Parler. Now they are taking that away to. We can only hope that such a successful platform, currently sitting at #1 on the Apple App Store, is able to find a new host before the clock runs out Sunday night.

No matter how the tech overlords feel about the conservative movement, it is unacceptable for them to operate in such a tyrannical manner. They receive governmental protections on their claims of free speech. They benefit greatly from “Section 230” in means not afforded to publishers. These “platforms” actively seek out and delete content that they disagree with.

With the Biden administration just days away from taking over both the legislature and the executive branch, conservatives everywhere are bracing for 4 years of corporate/government censorship.

Twitter Permanently BANS President Trump! Facebook joins as Conservative PURGE Continues!

The platform so essential to the election of Donald Trump in 2016 has decided to ban the account of the current President. Twitter released the following statement after the ban…

Twitter wasn’t the only social media platform to step up and fully censor the President. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg made the following statement announcing the PERMANENT ban of Trump from their platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Getty Images

The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the US and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect — and likely their intent — would be to provoke further violence.Following the certification of the election results by Congress, the priority for the whole country must now be to ensure that the remaining 13 days and the days after inauguration pass peacefully and in accordance with established democratic norms.Over the last several years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.”

Alphabet, who owns Youtube is also reportedly flirting with a possible Trump ban. There are undoubtedly more bans coming, as “tech overlords” use the protest at Capitol Hill to justify the Conservative purge.


President Trump was not the only person affected by the purge. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon also had his account removed from Youtube over claims of election fraud. Bannon was not involved in the Capitol Hill protest, neither does he currently work for the White House. His ban is a perfect example of what “Big Tech” is attempting to do.

Guilty by association.

Millions now stand on the brink of being silenced over the internet. It is essential that we understand where these people’s power comes from.

Early in the days of the internet, Congress created a legal protection for certain social media startups called “Section 230“. In this legal shield, platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter were afforded new protections as “platforms”. Meaning that they could not be sued for anything that occurred on their site. It was only fair. There was no way, at the time, for platforms to constantly regulate what went on in their cyberspace.

Now things have changed. Powerful algorithms control every word that enters the cyberspace. Companies actively seek out content that they disagree with, and purge it from their platforms. We are seeing this on the GRANDEST scale right now, with the ban of a sitting President off of most major platforms. Section 230 is afforded to these companies on the basis of being non-biased, open ended platforms. The legal protections allow them to save millions of dollars in legal fees. The protections allow them to grow in to monopolies. If ONLY true free speech platforms were only protected, there would actually BE an incentive to provide free speech.

However, Congress has allowed these companies to act as publishers, and be protected like platforms. This has caused a monopolistic marketplace of tyrants.

Congress must act NOW to remove Section 230, and end the digital war on free speech!