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Pervert Maryland Judge Larnzell Martin Had Same Defense Attorney As Hogan Pedophile Roommate Kevin Lee Hall

Launch Liberty is back again to expose yet another tie between former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and a known sex offender.

Our bombshell report released just weeks ago detailed that former Governor Hogan lived with a former campaign aide named Kevin Lee Hall that was busted for sex crimes. Hall was arrested in 1992 for kidnapping a 17-year-old boy at gunpoint and forcing the child to have sex with him.

Our article hammered a report released by the Baltimore Sun at the time of the scandal involving Hall. Within that piece from the Sun, we are told that Kevin Lee Hall’s defense attorney was a man named ‘William C. Brennan‘. That portion of the Sun article reads…

Hall was being held in Baltimore today while his family sought to post a $150,000 bond set for his release, according to his attorney, William C. Brennan.

Brennan would not discuss the case, except to say, “We’re just looking into the extent of the allegations.”


It should be noted that within our last piece, we exposed the fact that Kevin Lee Hall was a long-time family friend of Larry Hogan. Hall even reportedly worked for Hogan’s father, Lawrence Hogan Sr.

A report recently released by the ‘Chesapeake Today’ covers another associate of the Hogan family, Prince George’s County Judge Larnzell Martin. The report details an incident involving Martin, a self-proclaimed member of the LGBT community. Martin was caught groping a man, and exposing himself at a local mall. That portion of their report reads.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department was conducting surveillance of those who were performing hookups of gay men in a men’s room of a department store in the Annapolis Mall following complaints of lewd conduct. Judge Martin was arrested on January 14, 1998, for sexual assault and indecent exposure after he grabbed the crotch of a man and then exposed himself. The Judge’s promiscuous eye target turned out to be a cop. Judge Martin’s next date was with a District Court Commissioner to set bail.

In an article from the Washington Post dating all the way back to 1978, Larnzell Martin revealed himself as an aide to Lawrence Hogan Sr. That portion of the Washington Post article reads….

Vaughn and Rice were at the press conference as private citizens, but they had obtained their documents after driving to Petersburg in a county-owned car with a Hogan aide, a friend of the county executive, and an associate county attorney, Larnzell Martin, who was released from his normal duties to help the Taylor cause.

Martin, the only black in the county attorney’s office, refused to take part in the political strategy discussions that occupied the time of the other travelers during the two-hour journey and, later, according to several sources, he expressed anger that he had been asked to perform a partisan political task.


When Judge Martin was arrested for his crime back in 1998, who served as his defense attorney? The same man who represented Kevin Lee Hall…. William C. Brennan. A bio on Brennan can be read below

Mr. Brennan has practiced law for over forty years, primarily in Maryland and in federal courts. He has been involved at both trial and appellate levels in U.S. District and Circuit Courts in the District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Virginia, and West Virginia. Mr. Brennan has successfully litigated over 30 death penalty cases and he has qualified as an expert witness in death penalty litigation in the State of Maryland.

Other criminal trial work includes major murder cases, white collar crimes, and drug conspiracies involving complex wire-tap issues. Mr. Brennan has served as local counsel for major law firms in civil litigation involving individuals and corporate institutions. He has also participated in corporate internal investigations. Mr. Brennan is well-known in the legal community for his representation of clients before the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission and the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities.


From top to bottom, Judge Larnzell Martin is connected with every aspect of the Hogan complex.

Worst of all, Judge Martin is still hearing cases to this very day. He currently serves on the Prince Georges Circuit Court. Why is a man who committed sex crimes allowed to hear cases?

What does this connection tell you about former Governor Larry Hogan? From Hogan-appointed Judge Johnathan Newell, who was raided by the FBI over taking illicit images of children, to Larnzell Martin who exposed himself in a local mall… Hogan is associated with known sex offenders.

It cannot be a coincidence that both former Hogan Sr. aides Larnzell Martin, and Kevin Lee Hall, who were both busted for sex crimes shared the exact same defense attorney. It is a signal as to where their association truly lie.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.

Larry Hogan Harbored A Pedophile In His Home, Defended Him After Arrest

Launch Liberty released a shocking report just days ago revealing that sources have informed us that former Governor Hogan and his Senior Advisor Ron Gunzburger are currently under investigation for child sex trafficking.

That report details an incident from 1992 involving a Hogan-aide Kevin Lee Hall. Hall was arrested after kidnapping a 17 year-old boy at gunpoint, and forcing the child to have sex with him. In a report from the Baltimore Sun released after the event, Hogan campaign manager Ron Gunzburger told the Sun that Kevin Lee Hall actually lived at Larry Hogan’s home in Upper Marlboro. That Baltimore Sun article reads…

An aide and longtime friend to Maryland congressional candidate Larry Hogan Jr. has resigned from Mr. Hogan’s campaign after being charged with kidnapping a Baltimore teen-ager and forcing him to have sex.

Kevin Lee Hall, a Prince George’s County Republican leader, voluntarily left his position as one of the campaign’s field directors, campaign manager Ron Gunzburger said yesterday.

Mr. Gunzburger said the campaign was “stunned” by Mr. Hall’s arrest. Mr. Hall has been living in the candidate’s eight-bedroom home in Upper Marlboro since early summer, when Mr. Hall’s contracting business went bankrupt, Mr. Gunzburger said.


The article goes on to state that Hall not only worked for Larry Hogan, but also Hogan’s father. Hogan admits in the article that Hall, who kidnapped and forced a male child to have sex with him, was a longtime family friend. That portion of the report reads…

Mr. Hall previously worked for Mr. Hogan’s father, a former GOP congressman. Mr. Hall also worked in the Reagan White House. In his statement, Mr. Hogan referred to Mr. Hall as a “respected county official” who was elected to the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee.

Mr. Gunzburger said he did not know whether Mr. Hall would continue to stay in Mr. Hogan’s home. “We don’t even know if he’s getting out of jail soon. The issue has not been broached,” he said.

He said Mr. Hogan had allowed Mr. Hall to move into an attic room in his house because he is used to helping “friends in need.”

Although he was staying with Mr. Hogan, Mr. Hall used his grandmother’s address in Upper Marlboro as his legal address, Mr. Gunzburger said.


The report continues….

Mr. Hall, 32, was arrested Monday and charged with kidnapping, a handgun violation and four counts of perverted sex practices, Baltimore police said. He was being held at the Baltimore Detention Center yesterday in lieu of $150,000 bail.

He is accused of forcing a 17-year-old boy into his Ford truck at gunpoint on Letitia Avenue in Southwest Baltimore early Monday, police said.


As you can see by the information posted by the Baltimore Sun, Hall was a local Maryland Republican leader. What does this say about the influence that Hogan still holds over the MDGOP today? What does it say about the friends, family, and associates of one Larry Hogan?

One Hogan associate, Chris Christie, is currently running for President of the United States.

Christie and Hogan have a well-documented history together. Christie even visited Maryland to campaign for Hogan during his first run for Governor back in 2014. See video of that visit below…

In a post made to his Facebook page back in 2016, former Governor Hogan refers to Chris Christie as a “friend for life”. See that post embeded below…

When Hogan left office in January of 2023, Chris Christie posted the following message to his Twitter page, calling Hogan “a friend and colleague”. See that post below…

Chris Christie was the keynote speaker for the MDGOP Spring 2023 convention.

Does Chris Christie know about Hogan’s checkered past? Does Christie understand that Larry Hogan has quite literally invited pedophiles to live at his home?

Considering how close the two publicly claim to be, one can only infer that Christie is well aware of exactly what Larry Hogan is. If not, would you elect somebody as President who is unaware of the company that they keep?

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth!

Former Governor Larry Hogan and Senior Advisor Ron Gunzburger Reportedly Under Investigation For Child Sex Trafficking, Source Says

A confidential source has informed Launch Liberty that former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his Senior Advisor Ron Gunzburger, who also served as Hogan’s COVID Director, are currently under investigation for child sex trafficking.

Gunzburger is a known homosexual who was Hogan’s COVID Director from 2020 until Hogan left office in 2023. Gunzburger served as Hogan’s Senior Advisor from 2015-2023. Hogan and Gunzburger have a long, storied history together, as Gunzburger served as Hogan’s campaign manager during his 1992 campaign for Congress. Gunzburger served Hogan as Governor until Hogan left office in 2023.

Hogan and Gunzburger’s connections to pedophilia started out very quickly. In 1992, Kevin Lee Hall, a Hogan aide, was arrested after kidnapping a male child and forcing the child to have sex with him. A report on that incident from 1992 including Gunzburger states…

An aide and longtime friend to Maryland congressional candidate Larry Hogan Jr. has resigned from Mr. Hogan’s campaign after being charged with kidnapping a Baltimore teen-ager and forcing him to have sex.

Kevin Lee Hall, a Prince George’s County Republican leader, voluntarily left his position as one of the campaign’s field directors, campaign manager Ron Gunzburger said yesterday.

Mr. Gunzburger said the campaign was “stunned” by Mr. Hall’s arrest. Mr. Hall has been living in the candidate’s eight-bedroom home in Upper Marlboro since early summer, when Mr. Hall’s contracting business went bankrupt, Mr. Gunzburger said.

This latest shocking revelation from our confidential source coincides with investigations that have surrounded Hogan associates for some time. Hogan-appointed Judge Johnathan Newell, who served on the Second Judicial Court in Maryland, was under federal investigation for taking illicit pictures of children back in 2021. The FBI raided Newell’s home on September 9th, 2021 at 6:43am, finding Newell dead from a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound.

The Baltimore Sun reported at the time about Newell…

A boy that Newell took on a hunting trip on Hoopers Island discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom on July 23, and his parents reported it to police, which The Sun reported last week. When confronted by investigators, Newell is believed to have chewed up and swallowed a camera memory card, authorities said in a criminal complaint unsealed Friday.

The FBI was minutes away from arresting a Hogan-appointed Judge for taking illicit images of children, only to find him dead upon their execution of an arrest warrant.

Former Hogan Chief of Staff Roy McGrath was recently on the FBI’s most wanted list before a three-week manhunt led law enforcement officials to discover McGrath in Tennessee. Like Judge Newell, The Washington Post reports that McGrath shot himself during an exchange with police. He was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. The FBI had even been offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to McGrath’s arrest. Yet another Hogan official heavily on the radar of the FBI.

A report released by the Baltimore Sun just yesterday reveals that Hogan knew about Roy McGrath’s illegitimate six-figure severance payment weeks before the information was made public. The FBI has been hovering around Larry Hogan for some time now, arresting people close to himself and close ally Ron Gunzburger.

As stated at the beginning of the article, Ron Gunzburger served as the Hogan COVID Director from 2020-2023. He would have been responsible for sending sick patients into nursing homes, causing a higher percentage of Marylanders to die in nursing homes than even New Yorkers under Andrew Cuomo. Read a Launch Liberty piece about Hogan and Gunzburger’s handling of COVID-19 below…

Gunzburger also has a strange connection to the Broward County Sheriff’s office, the same office whose lack of response during the Parkland school shooting in 2018 led to 17 children being murdered at Stonemann Douglass High School. Gunzburger lists his work with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department on his public LinkedIn page. See evidence of that below…

Gunzburger, as Hogan’s Senior Advisor, was instrumental in bringing “Red Flag Laws” to Maryland. These laws allow for law enforcement to confiscate firearms from Marylanders without due process. This Second Amendment infringement was signed into law on October 1st, 2018 by Larry Hogan… Just months after the Parkland shooting.

Gunzburger currently works with an NPR outlet called ‘StoryCorps’, overseeing the production of Barack Obama fluff pieces and “storytime” media targeted towards children. With current work connection to children, the information by our source is all the more concerning.

Our sources tell us that Gunzburger and Hogan are now currently under investigation for child sex trafficking. With a history of associating with individuals that find themselves under the investigation of the FBI, and dead after an encounter with police, it is no surprise that this has come up.

Washington Post Smears Jewish Organization With False Accusations And Lies Over Target Protest

JEXIT is a South Florida-based Jewish organization which focuses its efforts on encouraging Jewish Americans to exit the Democrat Party. Last week several of their members attended a protest of Target in Miami.

Target was exposed for selling merchandise marketed to “trans kids”, and also for selling pro-LGBTQ children’s clothing. JEXIT attended the protest in Miami because they believe stopping the indoctrination and sexualization of children in America aligns with the core values of Judaism.

See an example of the disgusting products being sold by Target below…

Founder Michelle Terris tells me that members of JEXIT attended the protest strictly because of the children. Terris even gave an interview at the protest stating this very fact, telling JNS at the protest, “I love people of all walks of life. You’re free to practice whatever your religion or culture is. This is about the children. They don’t need to know about sexual orientation. They need to be children. They need to be protected.”

Despite these public claims, the Washington Post used this protest to malign Terris and JEXIT as anti-LGBTQ radicals. The Washington Post even went as far as to make the false allegation that protestors entered the Target store in Miami and harassed workers. Multiple members of the protest informed me that no member of their protest entered the Target store at anytime. Truth didn’t stop the Washington Post from lying.

Their report reads…

At the Target in South Florida, shoppers have called employees “child groomers,” a far-right slang term for pedophiles, and accused them of “shoving your woke agenda down our throats,” according to the manager who spoke to The Washington Post.

When he donned a bright safety vest over his company-issued Pride-themed T-shirt to help a customer carry goods to his car, the shopper looked at him and said, “Oh, is that so I could shoot you easier?”

That interaction leaves the supervisor with conflicting feelings about Target’s decision to pull back its Pride merchandise. “It’s 50-50,” he said. “I hate it, but I kind of understand it.”

On one hand, he felt the company had abandoned its LGBTQ+ employees. But he also can see reasons for backing down because the harassment from customers makes him feel unsafe.


In a desperate attempt to malign the people willing to stand up to the indoctrination of children, the Washington Post is attempting to insinuate that JEXIT is an anti-LGBTQ group. Using twisted facts and bold-faced lies, the Washington Post is truly making no effort to conceal their agenda.

Let this be a lesson to the American people as to how the mainstream media treats those who stand against the sexualization of American children. Even those who do not pick a side in the LGBTQ nonsense are forced to pick a side because of the militant nature of the media and left-wing activists, especially on the issue of LGBTQ.

Why is the American left so obsessed with sexualizing children? Why are they so quick to slander anybody who stands up to the blatant indoctrination?

Those who have the courage to stand against the indoctrination of our children are under attack from the mainstream media. They lie, mislead, and manipulate the facts.

More absurd is the hypocrisy of the Washington Post. The liberal newspaper that has pushed and promoted the Democrat Party at every possible turn. The same Democrat Party that imports millions of anti-LGBTQ Islamic refugees every single year, placing LGBTQ people in harms way nationwide.

Just like Jewish Americans who overwhelmingly vote Democrat despite rampant antisemitism in the Democrat Party, LGBTQ Americans overwhelmingly vote to put themselves in harms way by supporting Democrats.

The Washington Post told a bold-faced lie in their article, and JEXIT Founder Michelle Terris tells me that she wants them to retract their defamatory article.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.

Health Expert Matt McBride FIRED By Woke Corporation After Exposing The Truth About The COVID-19 Pandemic

Health Expert Matthew McBride first appeared on the Troy Smith Show back in July of 2021. His first appearance centered around the ‘Delta’ wave of COVID. McBride showed data that indisputably displayed that Delta was actually the flu.

He wrote an article coinciding with his appearance that can be read at the link below…

McBride has made four separate appearances on my show detailing the errors in public health data present during the COVID-19 pandemic. His appearances on our Rumble channel have racked up over 136k total views.


His expertise and bravery to speak up at a time that his country needed him undoubtedly saved the lives of thousands of people who would have fallen for the lies, burying themselves in fear and dangerous COVID vaccines. McBride’s findings highlight a deception from the beginning, all built on false health data.

Because he had the courage to speak out, McBride was recently fired from his job. His employer placed him under an “ethics investigation” some months ago, claiming that he had been “offensive to women”. Worst of all, they even accused McBride of being a “bad parent” to his autistic child.

McBride writes on his GiveSendGo posting

Beginning in 2020, I began speaking out against what I knew to be lies intended to terrify innocent people into submission.  I spoke at many protests, wrote dozens of articles, and appeared on podcasts to use the actual pandemic science to show everything was over and we could return to our lives without fear.  I stressed that we were being lied to and nobody needed a vaccine. I told people there was nothing to be afraid of.

I made a lot of enemies.  I was “fact checked” by the Associated Press, Reuters, PolitiFact, Agence France-Presse, and Lead Stories.  Oxford University, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, University of Minnesota, UT Austin, and UC Irvine would claim I did not know what I was talking about.  One gene therapy treatment company had an employee follow me around the internet for over a year to harass me.  The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ, which is funded and/or governed by Facebook, Google, the BBC, Oxford, Harvard, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Conde Nast, Le Monde, The New York Times, and Reuters) wanted to “talk to me about my post showing herd immunity was achieved in May 2020.”  I kept my employer’s name a secret because multiple people told me they needed to “verify my pandemic experience with my employer.”  

In October 2022, after almost three years, these enemies finally found out where I worked. My employer put me under an “ethics investigation” where they showed me several of my posts calling out the lies.  On one post, they claimed I was being “offensive to women.”

Then, as if to gain some sick moral high ground over me, they also took the opportunity to say I was being fired because I was not a good parent to my autistic child.

It is because of Matt McBride that thousands of readers at Launch Liberty know the absolute truth about the COVID scam. He added a much needed expertise to the truth that we all understood. He proved that health officials across the Nation were lying through their teeth.

Having fallen on hard times, supporting two children and a wife, McBride needs your help. He has started a GiveSendGo in order to raise funds to support his family during this difficult time.


In one of America’s darkest hours, Matt McBride told the truth. He did so despite inherent risk in order to benefit the American people. I ask that you support him, and assist him during these times.

Reagan Institute Led By RINO Larry Hogan Invites Democrat Governor Wes Moore, Jill Biden As Speakers

Back during the 2022 Election cycle Launch Liberty documented several instances of connections between Republican Governor Larry Hogan and then-Democrat nominee for Governor Wes Moore. Back in September we documented the connection between Hogan mega-donor Gary Mangum and Moore.

We also documented the Hogan MDGOP’s lack of support for Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox. The MDGOP raised over $1.1 Million for Hogan in 2018, yet gave no support to Cox.

Today Launch Liberty is exposing yet another tie between Hogan and Moore. This time through the Ronald Reagan Institute. Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Reagan Institute. Hogan serves with prominent anti-Trump RINO Jeb Bush. See a screenshot from a recent flier confirming this information below…

Over the last two days, the Reagan Institute has hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called ‘RISE 2023’. It stands for the Reagan Institute Summit on Education. The attendees and speakers include First Lady Jill Biden, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Kristol, Asa Hutchinson, Chuck Todd, and others.

Larry Hogan delivered the opening remarks today at 8:30am. Jill Biden delivered her remarks at 12:20pm.

Why would a Republican Governor invite the First Lady of the most vicious Administration that America has ever seen to speak at his conference? This is simply further evidence of where the political alliances of Larry Hogan actually reside. He may claim to be a Republican, but Larry Hogan operates as a Democrat in every sense of the word.

You wouldn’t need to look further than his dismal handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to understand just how dangerous Larry Hogan was to the citizens of Maryland. As he continues to put distance between the office of Governor and himself, Hogan has now openly touted his partnership with some of the most powerful and evil political individuals in the United States of America.

As we reported back in the 2022 Election cycle, Larry Hogan was in full support of the Democrat nominee for Governor Wes Moore. Further evidence of this fact was revealed today, as Governor Wes Moore also appeared as a speaker at the RISE 2023 conference in Washington D.C. See proof of that below….

Also appearing on the Steering Committee is John B. King, another Democrat candidate for Governor during the 2022 Election cycle. King was defeated by Moore in the Democrat primary.

While Hogan has left the Governor’s Mansion, and Dirk Haire has stepped away from his position as MDGOP Chairman, many remnants of the Hogan MDGOP remain in place.

Nicolee Ambrose, a Hogan disciple and notorious anti-Trump political hack, still serves as the MDGOP Committeewoman to the RNC. David Bossie also still serves as the MDGOP Committeeman to the RNC.

Hogan is doing a fantastic job of outlining the political alliances that he, and most definitely those around him, share. If we fail to recognize these alliances, forgoing truth in favor of the losing mantra of the lesser of two evils, the MDGOP as a whole will be destined for continued failure and irrelevance.

When Republicans allow their values to be desecrated under the guise of a false promise of political hope, all who benefit are the powerful politicians. Those who fail to recognize these truths are the reason for Maryland’s descent into communist hell… To the cheers of Larry Hogan and his friend Wes Moore.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump 2024 Campaign Treasurer Maintains Ties To Mitt Romney, Mark Brnovich

Our latest exclusive here at Launch Liberty focused on the Donald Trump 2024 campaign treasurer Bradley T. Crate. In our last update, we revealed that Crate was the CFO of the Romney/Ryan 2012 Presidential campaign.

Crate runs a company called ‘Red Curve Solutions’. They describe themselves as following….

“Red Curve Solutions® offers comprehensive treasury, budgeting, and FEC compliance services for political campaigns, party organizations, and PACs. By partnering with Red Curve Solutions®, you show your donors, party officials and the media that you’re serious about keeping your campaign out of the red.”


Since Trump departed the White House in 2021 he has been doing an extremely large amount of business with Bradley Crate’s ‘Red Curve Solutions’. Launch Liberty is now revealing that Political Action Committees, or PACs, associated with former President Donald Trump have paid ‘Red Curve Solution’ an astounding $10,042,738 since 2021.

One PAC in particular, called ‘Trump Victory’, paid an astounding 69% of their total disbursements between 2021-2022 to Red Curve Solutions. From the ‘Trump Victory’ PAC alone, Crate was paid an astounding $1,103,194. The PAC only disbursed a total of $1.6 Million over that period of time.

See those payments made from ‘Trump Victory’ to Red Curve Solutions below…

Federal Campaign Finance data shows that Crate is in fact the treasurer of the ‘Trump Victory’ PAC.

Crate also serves as the Treasurer to a PAC called the ‘Trump Make America Great Again Committee’. This committee paid ‘Red Curve Solutions’ $3,164,927 between 2021 and 2022, nearly 4% of their total disbursements.

If Crate had gone through a change of heart, and decided to support Trump after working at the highest levels of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan campaign on 2012, this would be a completely different story…

However, Launch Liberty is revealing today that Bradley Crate and Red Curve Solutions maintain business ties to Mitt Romney to this very day. The latest Campaign Finance data shows that Red Curve did nearly $80k worth of work for Romney’s campaign from 2021-2022…. The same time he was running Trump’s PACs and receiving massive payments.

See evidence of these dealings below.

Not only do Crate and Red Curve maintain business with Romney, but they also do business with some of the most infamous anti-Trump Republicans in America.

Red Curve worked with failed Senate candidate and former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. See evidence of those dealings below. They total over $94k between 2021 and 2022.

Not only did Bradley Crate serve as the CFO of the Romney 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns… He maintains those ties to this very day.

Why would Donald Trump put this man in charge of his campaign money? Is Crate using the former President to ‘cash out’? Could he be an infiltrator of the highest order?

The facts shown in this article make it clear… Crate is still very much involved with the worst elements of the Republican Party. The fact that he remains in charge of Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign finances may spell disaster for Trump’s re-election efforts.

How can we justify 69% of a PAC’s total disbursements going to ‘accounting’? Is this a ‘Trump Victory’ PAC, or a ‘Bradley Crate Victory’ PAC? Is Crate managing this PAC or is he funneling money from Trump campaign donors to his own company?

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth!


EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Governor Wes Moore Slanders GOP Nominee For State Board Of Elections

Launch Liberty is back in the saddle today to expose the slanderous attacks of Maryland Governor Wes Moore against seasoned researcher and investigator Republican nominee for State Board of Elections William T. Newton.

After being nominated to the State Board of Elections last month by new MDGOP Chair Nicole Harris, Governor Moore issued a public statement declaring that William T. Newton was not fit to serve on the State Board of Elections because of his public questioning of elections. See that statement below…

While nobody would deny that Mr. Newton questions the validity of elections, as he did in an interview I conducted with him and Lewis Porter for MD20-20Watch.com back in 2021, isn’t the act of questioning elections exactly what that State Board of Elections is supposed to do?

If the State Board of Elections is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the results provided to them, then why exactly do they exist in the first place? On their own website, the State Board states their responsibilities as following

The conduct of voter registration and elections in Maryland is supervised by the State Board of Elections, which directs, supports, monitors, and evaluates the activities of the local boards of elections in each county and Baltimore City. In odd-numbered years, the Board meets with the boards of elections from the counties and Baltimore City to instruct them, their employees, and counsel on their duties in the conduct of elections.

To maximize the use of technology in election administration, the State Board of Elections oversees the upgrade and standardization of voting systems and election procedures statewide (Chapter 564, Acts of 2001). The Board also administers the voter registration-by-mail program.

To regulate the financing of campaigns for State and county offices, the Board administers the Fair Election Practices Act (Code Election Law Article, secs. 13-101 through 13-604). In addition, the Board prepares and certifies ballots, administers petitions, and publishes statewide ballot questions before elections.


By their own definition, the Board is responsible for supervising elections. They also review and replace election equipment. How could a review of equipment, or an update to the system ever occur if nobody is allowed to question anything?

Nicole Harris and the MDGOP released a response to this rejection by Governor Wes Moore with the following statement that can be read below…

In addition to the letter released by Moore’s office, there were additional untrue libelous attacks printed in an article released by Maryland Matters on the subject. Within the article, writer Bryan Sears claims that Moore said the following…

“I am of the opinion that Mr. Newton is not an appropriate selection for this important position of public trust,” Moore wrote in a Feb. 16 letter to Nicole Beus Harris, chair of the Maryland Republican Party. “First, I do not believe that someone who denies the legitimacy of Maryland’s elections should be able to make decisions regarding their administration. Second, Mr. Newton does not meet our internal vetting standards due to his previous conviction for a crime of moral turpitude”

Moore plainly states that Mr. Newton has been convicted for ‘moral turpitude’ in the past.

Upon review of the Maryland case data, and upon conducting an exclusive interview with Mr. Newton, Launch Liberty has not found a shred of evidence that suggests Mr. Newton has ever been convicted of any crime at all.

Moore has had no issue appointing his own controversial individuals with apparent conflicts of interest to several boards around the State, as detailed by media across Maryland.

Newton and MD20-20Watch.com conducted the research revealed in an article we published here back in 2021. It details the recipients of money from Mark Zuckerberg’s CTCL in the 2020 Election.

There are questions as to whether Moore even has the authority to reject a Party’s nominee for the State Board of Elections. The approval process is tasked to the State Senate, not Governor Moore.

In a letter Mr. Newton penned to the Governor, and posted to Facebook, he describes Maryland Election Law Section 2-101, which states that only the State Senate has the legal right to confirm or deny a nominee. See that full letter below…

It is without hesitation that I write to you and say:

A recent case in law (New York state Supreme Court in Suffolk County) and by a similar review of Maryland law regarding “appointments” BOTH states require the “consent” of the entire State Senate. The New York case held that these appointments are NOT within the authority of a select few or even one individual.

To summarize the court’s finding and, taken to it’s “common sense extreme‟,to allow a single individual to “confirm‟ or “reject‟ an appointment would subvert the powers of the rule making body, violate separation of powers and establishes a “deliberative body‟ of one.

Further the judge opined:

“Such cannot stand as a hallmark of democracy”.….and in my view, rises to the level of violating a person‟s civil rights, to do otherwise.

🔶 MARYLAND Election Law Section 2-101 provides that (specifically):

(2) Subject to subsection (e) of this section, THE GOVERNOR SHALL APPOINT {emphasis added} as a member of the State Board an individual whose name is submitted to the Governor by the State Central Committee of the principal political party entitled to the appointment…….

“with the advice and consent of the Senate of Maryland”.

🔶 AND THAT in the course of any service on that Board: (v) be subject to removal by the Governor for incompetence, misconduct, or other good cause, upon written charges filed by the Governor with the State Board and after having been afforded notice and ample opportunity to be heard.

🔶 So should my subsequent service on the Board ever become subject to removal for “incompetence, misconduct, or other good cause”, even under those circumstances


🔶 My civil right to serve on this Board as the Nominee/representative of my political Party is now being suppressed when that nomination is being REJECTED BY A SINGLE PERSON without the State Senate’s “advice & consent”, all while I am improperly being tried in the media by the Governor using his public “pulpit” to defame and libel me in the Press and

without the opportunity for ME TO DEFEND MYSELF AND BE HEARD by the MARYLAND STATE SENATE.

👉🏼THEREFORE, I DEMAND MY RIGHT to have my NOMINATION’confirmed’ or ‘rejected’ by the FULL STATE SENATE per Maryland Election Law Section 2-101.

….and by doing so, put each of our elected officials ON THE RECORD by their vote to demonstrate if they truly resolve to address the proven irregularities and inefficiencies admitted by the State Board of Elections that have plagued our election process for many years….or whether it’s the intent of this government “of, by and forthe people” to continue business as usual; remaining in violation of Maryland Code, Election Law 1-201 by failing to “inspire public confidence and trust” in our election process.

IT IS MY belief (and of many others) that I have the qualifications and the demonstrated scholarship to serve on the Maryland State Board of Elections. I am entitled to an opportunity to defend myself and my Party’s

expressed confidence in me as its nominee. I will gladly submit to any questions prior to any confirmation and look forward to a vote by

members of the State Senate. What say you?



Obviously Mr. Newton has been far too successful in exposing election fraud, and for that, he is punished with public slander.

EXCLUSIVE: Big Pharma, Hogan Donors; Exposing Kim Klacik and The Infiltrators of the Trump Movement

Kim Klacik was a Congressional candidate in District 7 of Maryland during the 2020 Election. She received the endorsement of President Trump, spoke at the RNC, and was touted as an ‘America First’ candidate. She also founded a PAC called ‘Red Renaissance’ that is currently treasured by former 2012 Romney/Ryan CFO Bradley Crate.

Launch Liberty is back in the saddle today to expose the lies of Klacik, revealing the insidious donors that funded her 2020 Congressional campaign, and the influence that Klacik anticipates to have in the 2024 Election.

As mentioned previously, the treasurer to Klacik’s PAC and 2020 Congressional campaign in Romney/Ryan CFO Bradley Crate. See proof of that below.

Crate has slithered his way down to Mar-A-Lago, and is now the treasurer of the Trump 2024 Presidential campaign. Total infiltration. See his bio below confirming his work for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Why would Trump bring on a Romney/Ryan CFO to run his own campaign? I began to investigate federal campaign finance data from Klacik’s 2020 campaign with Crate to get a better picture, discovering a troubling reality.

Kim Klacik in not only funded by Big Pharma executives, but is also funded by some of the largest Larry Hogan donors in the State of Maryland.

Her largest donor in 2020 was a man by the name of ‘Peter Nebenfuhr’. See that donation below…

Nebenfuhr claims on his Linkedin page to be a former Executive Director of pharmaceutical companies Merck, and Astrazeneca. See a screenshot of that page below…

Along with Nebenfuhr on the donor list, I also discovered disgraced former MDGOP Chair Dirk Haire. Haire was repeatedly exposed by this website for breaking MDGOP bylaws. He illegally endorsed Kelly Schulz during the 2022 gubernatorial primary, and also allowed for National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose to break Party law with a campaign for Congress in District 2.

See Dirk Haire’s donation to Klacik below…


Klacik also received donations from prolific Hogan donor Edward St. John. St. John followed the path of many Hogan donors in the 2022 Election, supporting Kelly Schulz in the Primary and donating to Democrats in the General Election. See St. John’s donation to Klacik below…

Despite publicly claiming her support for Dan Cox, Klacik was being funded by the same donors propping up Larry Hogan. The same Hogan who took every opportunity to attack Cox and his supporters throughout the media.

As stated above, St. John is a prolific Hogan donor. He donated $25k to the Republican State Central Committee in 2018 for Hogan’s re-election campaign. See that transaction from Maryland State Campaign Finance data below…

He was among the massive donors to the MDGOP during the 2022 Election cycle, a cycle in which this site detailed that the Republican State Central Committee did nothing to help their gubernatorial nominee, Dan Cox. St. John gave $100k to the Republican State Central Committee this cycle, and even supported Kelly Schulz in the Primary. Remember, the Republican State Central Committee was controlled by Dirk Haire at this time.

As an additional connection to the Haire’s, as Klacik has also received money from Dirk Haire as well as Edward St. John, St. John also donated to Haire’s wife Jessica in her 2022 campaign for Anne Arundel County Executive. See that below…

See the proof of St. John funding some of the most radical Democrats in the 2022 Election, including Attorney General Anthony Brown and $29k to the Democrat State Central Committee below…

Why are Klacik’s donors funding radical democrats? What does it say about her? Why are some of the most nefarious individuals in our system, big pharma executives, funding Klacik?

More importantly, why are Bradley Crate and the rest of the Klacik circus being allowed to infiltrate Mar-A-Lago? What does it say about Trump’s chances in 2024?

Despite record fundraising in her 2020 race, Klacik was decimated at the ballot box. It was not even close. Her formula is not a recipe for success… far from it. It is a recipe for infiltration and total failure.

Infiltration is the name of the political game. If we allow it, we will have nobody but ourselves to blame for our mounting political losses.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth!




CAUGHT: White House Lobbied Facebook to CENSOR Tucker Carlson After Bombshell Report

Internal communications obtained by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry show that the White House lobbied Facebook to censor Tucker Carlson and others for expressing skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine.

White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty wrote an email to an unnamed Facebook employee on April 14, 2021 complaining about posts that were negative towards the vaccine appearing prominently on Facebook.

“Since we’ve been on the phone – the top post about vaccines today is [T]ucker Carlson saying they don’t work. Yesterday it was Tomi Lehren [sic] saying she won’t take one,” the email stated.

“This is exactly why I want to know what ‘Reduction’ actually looks like – if ‘reduction’ means ‘pumping our most vaccine hesitant audience with [T]ucker Carlson saying it doesn’t work’ then… I’m not sure it’s reduction!” Flaherty added.

This is clearly related to the Biden White House’s frustration that Facebook wasn’t rigging its algorithm enough to ensure that such posts were censored from being seen by a large enough majority of Facebook users.

The Facebook staffer responded to the email by assuring Flaherty that the company was “running this down,” meaning acquiescing to the censorship demand.

The communication was unearthed in response to a lawsuit filed by Landry and Missouri’s AG Eric Schmitt seeking to determine whether the Biden administration coerced social media networks to censor content related to the 2020 presidential election and COVID-19.

The files once again prove that Big Tech censorship was carried out at the behest of the government, meaning it was a direct violation of the First Amendment.

As part of discovery, other communications also show Flaherty expressing his frustration with Facebook for not censoring on a broad enough scale.


“Really couldn’t care less about products unless they’ve having measurable impact,” Flaherty raged.

“I still don’t have a good, empirical answer on how effective you’ve been at reducing the spread of vaccine-skeptical content and misinformation to vaccine fence sitters in the now-folded ‘lockdown,’” he added.

The White House demanded “assurances” that Facebook wasn’t going to dilute its censorship policies.

Flaherty also warned Google that such concerns were shared by “the highest (and I mean highest) levels of the WH [White House],” and demanded that the company, which owns YouTube, get a “handle on vaccine hesitancy generally” and resolve to work “toward making the problem better.”