House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has announced that his committee has discovered an alarming new “serious national security threat.” Turner’s statement, which did not describe the nature of the threat, can be read below…

Today, the house Permanent select committee on Intelligence has made available to all members of congress information concerning a serious national security threat.

I am requesting that president Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the administration, and our allies can openly discuss the action necessary to respond to this threat.

What threat could Representative Mike Turner be talking about? House Speaker Mike Johnson assured that the threat is ‘nothing to be alarmed about,’ as mainstream outlets have started to claim that the threat has something to do with Russia, which is nothing more than total speculation.

CNN reported…

“House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has made information concerning a “serious national security threat” available to all members of Congress to review, the committee said on Wednesday. While Turner and the White House remained vague on what the threat entailed, two sources and a US official tell CNN the threat is related to Russia. Multiple sources familiar with the intelligence characterized it as “very sensitive.” One of the sources who has seen the intelligence confirmed that “it is, in fact, a highly concerning and destabilizing” Russian capability “that we were recently made aware of.” But House Speaker Mike Johnson later sought to soothe concerns about the unspecified threat, saying there is “no cause for alarm.”

The truth is, we have no idea what this threat is, and the fact that this was released just days after the Putin-Tucker Carlson interview, with the mainstream media claiming that it has something to do with Russia with no evidence to support that claim, simply cannot be coincidence.

I wholeheartedly believe in the declassification of documents pertaining to relevant information that Americans should know about. It appears to me, as somebody distanced from government, that the obfuscatory use of classified material to provide narrative ammunition to the mainstream media is abhorrent.

Instead of warning us about the truth, they should give us the truth. Unfortunately, especially on the topic of Russia, I believe it is safe to say that our government cannot be trusted to give us legitimate information. When we examine the attempts to stop Tucker Carlson from interviewing Vladimir Putin, and the unquestionable U.S. involvement in the Nordstream pipeline bombing, our government has shown that they routinely lie about Russia.

I am in no way suggesting that the Russians can be trusted, but our own government surely shouldn’t be trusted, especially when it comes to Russia. The bureaucrats in Washington D.C. are, and always have been, a greater threat to the American people than Vladimir Putin, or any other exterior force, ever was.

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