On Friday, Georgia Chief Judge Brian Amerio ordered that absentee ballots in Fulton County be unsealed for a forensic audit.

The Judge ordered for both parties to arrive at the ballot storage location on May 28th.

VoterGa.org was granted access to the ballots after they made their case to the judge. CD Media reported that…

“In the hearing, lawyers for VoterGA.org described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case.”

This is the same Brad Raffensperger that had that infamous call with Donald Trump after the election. Now we know why Trump was so adamant. These ballot drops cost him the election!

This is a huge story, so naturally, it had next to no coverage in the press. Just like the ongoing audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.

You can watch this video here for a FULL UPDATE on the Arizona Audit. I explain every part of what is happening, along with the Democrat establishment attempts to stop it.

145,000 ballots in total will be examined in this new audit of Georgia. As I predicted on the American Journal, the audits are not going to stop. We the People are GOING to figure out exactly what happened on November 3, 2020.

Sidney Powell, former Trump lawyer, posted this response to the Georgia audit on Telegram.

She details how anomalous voter batch drops, that favored Biden by numbers like 98%, were recorded during the wee hours of November 4th.

‘Greater Georgia’ released this statement after the Fulton County audit became official.

We need to get to the bottom of the 2020 election. This is a great start.

The fight continues in states like New Hampshire, where local officials are trying to hamper the auditing process.

Launch Liberty continues to support all of the GREAT patriots out there who are fighting for election integrity. We are beginning to finally see some return on our investment.

This is just the beginning. We need to oust RINOs like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, and take back our Congress in a BIG WAY in 2022. Not Republicans, but fighters who will put AMERICANS FIRST.

Once we get the audits done, and take back Congress, it will be time to impeach this fraudulent puppet President, Joe Biden. His reign of terror will end with the will of the American people.

We will do it legally, lawfully, and legitimately.

We the People will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and this Georgia audit is a great start. Keep fighting, Patriots!





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