MANCHESTER NH. - OCTOBER 9: Ex Vice Pres. Joe Biden makes the sign of the cross after speaking about Giuliani speaks to supporters at an event at McIntyre Ski resort on October 9, 2019 in Manchester, NH. (Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

By: Marc King

As reported by The Associated Press on March 2,2021 …

“The Pentagon on Monday announced a $125 million military aid package for Ukraine, including two armed-patrol boats to help the country defend its territorial waters. The remaining $150 million in military aid approved by Congress for the 2021 budget year will not be provided until the departments of State and Defense are in position to certify to Congress that Ukraine has made “sufficient progress on key defense reforms this year,” the Pentagon said.”

Now, let’s put this into perspective … For the past several weeks, Vladimir Putin has been massing tanks and troops on the border with Ukraine … while his purpose is not clear, there is good reason to believe that he is continuing his conquest to bring back the glory days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR.

A Russia-backed rebel stands on guard during preparation for an exchange of prisoners in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. A cease-fire between government troops and Russia-backed separatist rebels has lasted for nearly two months but despite the two parties’ commitments there are still hundreds of prisoners in captivity yet to be exchanged. (AP Photo/Max Black)

At a minimum, he is testing the resolve of the Biden Administration to support and even defend the sovereign nation of Ukraine. What all the pundits agree upon is that if Putin senses even the slightest weakness in the support to Ukraine, he will send his forces in to see how much land he can regain. That includes any hesitance in the response from other NATO Allies including Turkey and Germany, the two NATO Allies with the most economic ties to Russia.

The US plays a vital role in all of this since we are the nation that leads the NATO Alliance … If the Alliance stands strong, there is little incentive for Putin to try and annex any part of Ukraine.

But there appears to be a “fly in the ointment” — Little Joey Biden!

Congress appropriated $275 million in military aid for Ukraine, but the Biden Administration has chosen to withhold $150 million of it looking for “key defense reforms”! So, the first question we must ask … Is this the time to withhold aid, which the US Congress felt was vital to the defense of Ukraine? This does not send a signal of strength to the potential aggressor … in fact, it does just the opposite.

Biden’s action is reminiscent of the Obama Administration who let Crimea slip away on his watch while sending the Ukraine blankets and Meals Ready to Eat as Putin expropriated the land he coveted. Not until President Trump provided “tank buster” weapons to Ukraine were Putin’s ambitions put on hold.

The American people must call for the immediate and unwavering support for the Ukraine and the IMMEDIATE release of all the funding provided by the Congress! This will provide the Ukrainian military with the resources that they will need to withstand the current threat from Russia.

What we do not want to see from “Jelly Legs Biden” is any commitment of US Forces inside Ukraine! Not one soldier should give his or her life in this fight — not one! And let’s not forget — the Socialist Democrats felt it was important to impeach Donald Trump for withholding such funds from Ukraine, so we are compelled to ask the second question …

Where are the Articles of Impeachment?





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