INSANE: Baltimore County Republican Central Committee Member Used His Platform To Bash American Conservatives

Garrett Zahner, Parlimentarian for the Baltimore County Republican Central Commitee, wrote an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun on January 26th, 2021. In his piece, Zahner called for the end of ‘Trump populism’ and the ‘Tea Part Conservatives’.

Zahner claims that the only way forward for the Republican party is to embrace a British style of Conservatism. He uses the term ‘One Nation’, a quote derived from former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Zahner is quoted as saying…

The Capitol riot was the first day for the Republican Civil War, which at worst can destroy the party and set back conservatism in the U.S. for decades or, at best, push the GOP into a new direction that can place it as the dominant political party for years to come. For this latter path forward to prevail, it is imperative, during this battle for the soul of the party, that the neoconservatives, the Tea Party Republicans, and the Trump populists all lose in the brawl.

Does Zahner mention the fact that the FBI had plants in the crowd stirring things up and provoking violence? Does he acknowledge the fact that NOBODY was killed on January 6th except for Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in the throat in an obvious overreaction? No.

Zahner instead used his platform to bash the million+ patriots who showed up to Washington D.C. on that day to take a stand for our country.

Like so many establishment figures, Zahner ignores the 99.99% of the protestors in favor of highlighting the actions of a few hundred people.

Nowhere in the article does Zahner mention the treasonous crime of certifying a fraudulent election committed by Congress on the exact same day.

Former Member of the Baltimore Republican Central Committee William T. Newton had this to say about the op-ed:

Being the FORMER Baltimore County Republican Party 2nd Vice Chairman, the District 3 Representative, the Chairman of the Organization & Rules Subcommittee, Parliamentarian, member of the County Republican Executive Committee, and State Chairman of the Maryland Republican Election Integrity Committee, I HAVE A BETTER THAN AVERAGE UNDERSTANDING of how the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee operates.

The Baltimore County Republican Central Committee has for a long time strayed from any core principles… lead me to establish the hashtag “STANDFORSOMETHING” back in 2018 because it was impossible to get the members to engage in any public political discourse, to defend (or even acknowledge) any basic platform standards.

THIS OP-ED is typical and bereft of any political cognizance… begins by incorrectly misidentifying the definition of American Conservatism when the writer show his ignorance comparing it to English Conservatism. (Two different animals…..mainly because English Conservatism is closely linked to progressive beliefs).

To restate my point….. Zahner does make the classic blunder of equating English “Conservative Party” (Disreali) with American “Conservatism”.

While they both use the word: Conservative. They represent two entirely different things…..and then Zahner proceeds to insist the Republican Party must become more Liberal to win elections. (Might as well just make the final transition and convert fully to being Democrats).

Britain’s conservatism, in many ways, is more progressive than that seen in the United States, especially on staple issues of the Republican Party. For example, Britain’s conservatives are more likely to support limited but legal abortion practices, universal state run health care, same-sex marriage and the switch to renewable energy. They are completely supportive of A WELFARE STATE…….

So the basis for his theory is flawed from it’s inception as he lobbies for Republicans to embrace the Disreali term: One Nation. He misunderstands the actual reference.

If I was to speak for true American Republican Conservatives…..and even Constitutional Conservatives, it would be to point out that “WE” tend to be small government, PRO-LIFE, expansion of Freedom and Liberty, traditionally accepted morals and values such as marriage is between one man & one women and citizens ought to engage in being productive members of society. We believe in due process & punishment for crimes and equal, not special treatment of all people…a good Republican IMO is one that can articulate a better vision and provide a pathway that ensures America First principles and attract voters WITHOUT capitulating to Leftists and socialist demands….and above all Defend our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and acknowledgement of our Creator.

AND FURTHER……if the best the BCRCC has to offer is to “shout down” your own right to express your displeasure, speech and opinion as a voting, registered Republican instead of accepting that it differs, then I think you’ve uncovered EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG with the Party.

As a Conservative, I am not alright with my so-called ‘leaders’ bashing my audience and myself. We must purge members, either elected or appointed to leadership positions, who lack any comprehension of the history of politics and what the foundation of our Country and Party really are.

On a Federal, State, and Local level, we must ensure that people who actually believe in our values are the ones who we elect to leadership positions.

This kind of detestable behavior is exactly why Republicans continue to LOSE in Maryland. Time and time again, our so-called ‘leaders’ have chosen the favor of the establishment, rather than the favor of the people.

The political establishment, headed by Larry Hogan, decimated the State of Maryland over the last year. They shuttered businesses, destroyed lives, and bullied the people into helpless compliance.

I wouldn’t wish the ineffective, crony Conservatism proposed by Zahner on my worst enemy. His words show how distant Republican leaders are from the Conservative base.

AMERICA FIRST candidates continue to be the only option for voters looking for effective representation. Left or right.





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