The LA Times reported on Tuesday that the Biden administration has a policy that allows for migrants with PENDING asylum claims to have their entire families airlifted to the United States.

This is a resurrection of the Obama era program called CAM.

This is all being done on taxpayer money.

The LA Times reported…

The Biden administration on Tuesday announced the major expansion of a program that would allow many such youths into the country legally, part of its stated goal to increase “legal pathways” for immigration. The changes could boost the number of Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran children joining their families in the U.S. from several hundred to tens of thousands.

The in-country processing will resume with Tuesday’s announcement, administration officials said. Advocates warned against allowing burdensome backlogs to form in El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras, with screening, interviews, vetting, and cross-border paperwork that delay and ultimately discourage applicants, some of whom feel too at risk to wait it out [and choose to take their shot trying to sneak into the U.S.]

After this shocking report was released on Tuesday, the State Department confirmed the reporting of the LA Times in this statement.

The program in question is the State Department-administered Central American Minors (CAM) program, established by the Obama-Biden administration in 2014 in response to a wave of unescorted children reaching the border. Its expansion would essentially allow the sitting Democrat president to use the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) to create a new immigration pathway for the families of migrants — chain migration. On March 10, the Biden administration announced it was restarting the program.

This is just another example of the failures of the Biden administration on the border. There has been a concerted effort to open our Southern Border since the Biden administration took office.

On day one of his administration, Biden signed an Executive Order halting the construction of our Southern Border Wall.

Biden sets to work on reversing Trump policies with executive orders - BBC  News

On top of that insane decision, the Biden administration has crafted it’s policy to encourage illegal immigration. Even the LA Times admits this later in their report on this insane policy.

The report goes on to say…

Tuesday’s decision vastly increases the potential pool of children who will be allowed to seek entry. It expands the categories of adults who may petition for children to join them, adding to the mix legal guardians and parents whose legal status in the U.S. is still being processed, including those with pending asylum cases or applications for what is known as a U visa given to victims of violence, the official said.

The official [who spoke on condition of anonymity] said there could be at least 100,000 newly eligible petitioners.

Many of the children and youths — who must be unmarried and younger than 21 — also will be allowed to avail themselves of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, which provides numerous benefits and is also being expanded by the Biden administration, the official said.

This policy will allow for migrants who are not even approved for asylum to have their entire families moved to the United States of taxpayer dime.

The program is called ‘CAM’, or Central American Minors program. It was started in 2014 by the Obama-Biden administration. President Trump stopped the program upon arriving in office.

How Close Are Barack Obama and Joe Biden? - The New York Times

The fact that U.S. taxpayers would be liable for moving the families of unapproved migrants into the United States is a complete slap in the face to the American citizen.

There is absolutely no justification for it. The Democrats believe that they can import an entire new voter base by greasing the wheels of our immigration system.

They don’t care what shameless activity has to occur to get those voters to our soil. Even forcing us to pay for the migration.

Make no mistake, the price does not end there. You can absolutely guarantee that these people are eligible for government benefits the second these folks step onto our soil.

Mexico to deport migrants crossing US border - Vatican News

We, the taxpayer, become responsible for their housing, their cell phone bill, their food bill, their education, their healthcare, and their lives.

This administration is not only doing NOTHING to benefit the American citizen, but slapping us in the face instead. This is just a continuation of the corrupt and incompetent Obama administration.

These ‘leaders’ are corrupt and should be removed.





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