In an MSNBC interview Wednesday, Biden’s so called ‘climate car’ John Kerry refused to criticise China for being the globe’s biggest polluter, and instead defended the Communist state, reasoning that it has more electric vehicles than the U.S.

Kerry was asked about China’s repeated refusal to act in accordance with other nations in reducing carbon emissions.

“What can be done about China and their seeming reluctance to participate in affairs of climate control with other nations?” the host asked.

Kerry claimed that “China, interestingly enough … has a plan,” while admitting that “they could be doing more.”

Could be doing more? That’s some understatement. China is the biggest emitter of fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions on the globe, accounting to close to A THIRD of all emissions.

China emits more greenhouse gas than the entire developed world combined, research by the Rhodium Group has concluded.

If you believe that is killing the planet, as Kerry claims he does, then China should be repeatedly criticised as the primary culprit.

Instead, Kerry lauded the communist state, further claiming that “more electric vehicles will be put on the road over the next year or so in China than in all of the rest of the world put together.”

“I’m not excusing China,” Kerry said, adding “I’m just telling you that China is moving to do additional things. They are deploying renewable power at a rate that exceeds all other nations, they are the largest manufacturer of renewables in the world, and so China is moving.”

Kerry, along with other Biden officials, has repeatedly touted electric cars, which cost on average close to 70 thousand dollars and in many cases lead to more carbon emissions than regular cars.

While Kerry repeatedly claims climate change is a grave existential threat that is worth hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs to combat, he refuses to give up traveling on private jets:

Indeed, Kerry’s family private jet has emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon since Biden took office, federal data shows:



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