Just two days after lifting the mask mandate in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has moved to support a bill that would severely restrict free speech in the state of Texas.

SIDE NOTE: Why do they have an Israeli flag?

After President Trump was booted off of Facebook and Twitter in early January, social media platforms started purging conservatives. Tens of THOUSANDS were purged from each platform. Trump supporters were looking for a new platform by the thousands. Parler, “a Twitter alternative”, saw a rise to #1 on the Apple Store. It was completely taken offline after the boom. The reason that Parler was able to be taken down was a lack of control. Parler did not own their own servers.

Amazon did. Amazon Web Services pulled Parler’s hosting just a few days after January 6th.

For thousands, there was no platform. Except for Gab.com, who had their own servers.

Gab.com saw their users skyrocket. I was one of them!

I have used Gab every single day since I got it, and I have yet to read anything that could be considered “anti-semitic”. I am in some of the largest groups on the site. I have never seen ANYTHING on the site that even talks about Jewish people.

What I HAVE seen is a community coming together. A bunch of people that had been silenced once again had a voice. They were again free to post, comment, and chat as they pleased. It was too much for the powers at be. They HAD to ban it.

The question has to be asked, why ban Gab?

Twitter ROUTINELY has child pornography posted to their site. Tik Tok is ROUTINELY involved with inappropriate activities involving children. Facebook is a HAVEN for ANTIFA. You can find an ANTIFA page on Facebook RIGHT HERE. These sites are not penalized. Why has Governor Abbott not taken action pertaining to these problems?

It would seem that Gab is a major problem for the establishment.

The people who have tried to silence you have failed.

You have a voice on Gab. That is why they are trying to take it away. They want to make an example of those who step out of line.

The establishment doesn’t want you to succeed. They don’t want you to think. They don’t even want you to have a voice. They banned you from their platforms and told you to make your own. Now that you have your own, they want to ban that to! SO PREDICTABLE!

We must dismantle the labels that give the establishment the power over the masses to act unconstitutionally. By simply screaming “racist” or “antisemitism”, the establishment is able to successfully, and popularly, strip us of our freedoms. This means we mus treat people as AMERICANS… not as members of a racial, or religious category.

Safety and precaution will always be the justification for tyranny. If we allow voices to be silenced on baseless claims, we will soon have no voices left. Banning Gab isn’t about “antisemitism”, it’s about silencing those who the establishment deems “deplorable”.

Let us hope that Texas can stay strong, and stand for what they believe in. Just because somebody calls themselves a “republican”, doesn’t mean they are good. Crooked bills like this stand to destroy our constitutional rights.

Governor Abbott, this bill is a DISGRACE!



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